Ministry of Sports Pavilion, Ajax Bay Embankment, FEFU campus, Russky Island

The Ministry of Sport's pavilion

The Ministry of Sport's pavilion at the 7th Eastern Economic Forum will provide a venue for productive discussions on the development of physical education and sport.

Speakers and participants will discuss a variety of topical issues, from sports achievements and international cooperation in sports to new formats for sports events and the development prospects of grassroots sports in Russia.

At the pavilion, the National Sports Museum will present a new interactive exhibition of the most important milestones in the history of Russian sport for the past 100 years.

Visitors to the “Russia’s Ministry of Sport” pavilion will have an interesting and enjoyable time not only at business sessions but also during the active sports programme at the second pavilion of the Ministry of Sport – GTO Arena.

As spectators, EEF 2022 participants have free access.

The event will be held in compliance with all COVID-19 prevention measures.