An advanced special economic zone (ASEZ) is a zone within a federal subject of the Russian Federation which has been granted specific legal status to facilitate entrepreneurial activity.

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The following tax incentives apply to ASEZ residents

  • Tax on profit: 0% for 5 years after turning a profit, then 12% for the 5 years thereafter
  • Land value tax: 0% for 3–5 years
  • 7.6 % total social security contributions for 10 years
  • Property tax: 0% for 5 years, then 0.5–2.2% for the 5 years thereafter
  • 0% customs duty and customs VAT where customs-free zone duties apply
  • Mineral extraction tax in ASEZs: reduced rate for 10 years (from 0 to 1) after turning a profit

The following administrative privileges apply to ASEZ residents

  • Residents are entitled to a plot of land from the managing company to implement their project
  • Free connection to ASEZ infrastructure sites
  • Reduced inspection periods
  • Opportunity to benefit from customs-free zone (CFZ) duties
  • One-stop-shop policy for investors
  • The managing company has the right to defend the resident in court
  • Favourable rates of rent for plots of land
  • Opportunity to buy a plot of land
  • Attract foreign employees, quota-free
  • Agreement on the pledge of the right to rent a plot of land
  • Subsidised interest rates on loans
  • The right to use the Made in the Far East ASEZ and FPV trademark
  • Help securing finance and investment
  • Support for residents in marketing the business name and goods/services

22 of them are located in the Far Eastern Federal District

22 of them are located in the Far Eastern Federal District:

Amuro-Khinganskaya ASEZ
Belogorsk ASEZ
Bolshoy Kamen ASEZ
Buryatia ASEZ
Chukotka ASEZ
Gorny Vozdukh ASEZ
Kamchatka ASEZ
Khabarovsk ASEZ
Komsomolsk ASEZ
Krasnokamensk ASEZ
Kuril Islands ASEZ
Mikhaylovsky ASEZ
Nadezhdinskaya ASEZ
Neftekhimichesky ASEZ
Nikolayevsk ASEZ
Priamurksaya ASEZ
Selenginsk ASEZ
Svobodny ASEZ
Yuzhnaya ASEZ
Yuzhnaya Yakutia ASEZ
Yakutia ASEZ
Zabaikalye ASEZ

The Made in the Far East ASEZ and FPV trademark has been created for residents. The trademark is a modern Far East brand which can help promote the business reputation, goods and services of residents in the Russian Federation and Asia-Pacific region. The trademark was developed by the Far East Development Corporation in 2019 by order of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev, with the support of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic. The trademark was registered under No. 739226 on 16.12.2019. It covers all 45 classes of goods and services, pursuant to the International Classification of Goods and Services (Nice).


  • Support in marketing the company’s name, goods and services
  • Chance to participate in conferences and exhibitions
  • Cooperation between residents


Goods and services bearing the trademark must conform with the following requirements:

  • Goods shall be manufactured/services shall be rendered in the Far Eastern Federal District;
  • Goods shall be manufactured/services shall be rendered in accordance with GOST standards, technical specifications, technical regulations and other available documents confirming the safe use of the good or service.

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Far East Development Corporation is a managing company of FPV, where the Government of the Russian Federation is a 100% shareholder.