The Advanced Special Economic Zones (ASEZs) in the Far East are set up under the Federal Law No.473-FZ ‘On the Advanced Special Economic Zones in the Russian Federation’ which became effective of 30 March 2015.

To date, 18 ASEZs have been created in the Far East:

Advanced Special Economic Zones

The law does not limit the number of ASEZs. Driven by the investment interest, new areas are to be established in the regions of the Russian Far East.


  1. 0% income tax for the first five years, 12% for the next five years (Kamchatka Territory has 5% income tax);
  2. 0% land tax for the first five years;
  3. 0% property tax for five years and less than 2.2% for the next five years;
  4. 7.6% incentive insurance premium rates for investment projects implemented in the ASEZs;
  5. ‘Single window’ mode for the investor;
  6. Fast-track administrative procedures, including obtaining permits;
  7. Any audit of the investor by regulatory authorities subject to the consent of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East;
  8. The right of a managing company to protect the resident in court.
  9. Free customs zone: no import and customs duties, fast and convenient customs procedures;
  10. Simplified procedures for attracting foreign labour (in case of local labour force shortages).
  11. Granting land for a project.


Far East Development Corporation is a managing company of FPV, where the Government of the Russian Federation is a 100% shareholder.