and other exhibition areas of the federal executive authorities

Each year, the ‘Welcome to the Far East’ exhibition of the federal executive authorities (building B, level 5) introduces the Forum’s guests and participants to the most important areas of work as well as the ongoing and future projects of key agencies.

This year the exhibition area (Building B, level 5) will feature nine federal executive authorities.

The concept of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation stand will include an exposition of more than 30 exhibits presenting innovative radioelectronics and IT products. In addition, samples of socially significant products (rehabilitation tools, modern educational technologies) will be demonstrated.

The stand of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation will teach how to reduce your carbon footprint and immerse yourself in nature as much as possible. You will see animations of tigers in the natural environment and samples of natural fossils in macro photography, find out where dams are built, and how trees are counted.

The exhibition of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation will showcase promising investment projects in aviation, maritime, river and road transport, road maintenance, and crossing points across the Russian border being implemented in the Far East. The key objects of the exhibition will be a large LED screen for displaying information in a modern multimedia format and an interactive map.

An interactive map of youth science laboratories will be displayed at the stand of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. To date, 500 laboratories have been opened, of which 344 are in scientific organizations and 156 in universities. The range of scientific research carried out by young people is extremely broad. Work is being done in biology, genetics, medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, robotics, ecology, agronomy and economics.

Another point of attraction will be the Public Talk “Conversation with an expert from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education”, interviews with renowned scientists, science promoters, engineers, researchers, and university rectors on current topics in science, technology, and education development.

The concept behind the exhibition space of the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism) is “Heading East”. The stand promises to be one of the most visited at the federal government agencies’ exhibition. The exhibition is a seamless interactive space that reveals a radically different view of the Far East’s tourism sector. The centrepiece of the exhibition will be levitating artefacts – an installation of objects floating in the air, which metaphorically reveal the narrative of the whole exhibition. The levitrons symbolize harmony with nature, simultaneously demonstrating the resources of the region and their fragility.

Selecting the best projects from the wide array of opportunities available to the modern traveller is a difficult task. Yet the organizers of Rostourism’s stand have achieved this: visitors will be treated to a presentation of the tourism master plan for the development of the Far East and of the Zelenovsky Lakes year-round resort (Kamchatka Territory), and a presentation of the work of the crowdsourcing platforms мойдальнийвосток.рф and развиваемтуризм.рф, broken down by the 11 regions of the Far Eastern Federal District.

Among the priorities of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation is the implementation of its supervisory powers to protect the rights and lawful interests of business entities.

On the instructions of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Igor Krasnov, the Prosecutor General’s Office is fully implementing the principles of transparency and openness, and building a direct dialogue with entrepreneurs by using the full range of available forms of communication with business representatives.

The 7th Eastern Economic Forum provides another opportunity not only to exchange views with business entities on the state of the rule of law in this field, but also to hear about their concerns. This way of cooperation contributes to a more productive interaction with business entities and also improves the business climate in the country.

At the stand of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, representatives of the business community will be able to receive answers to their questions related to law enforcement practices, submit official requests, as well as learn about the functionality of the official mobile application of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation.

Rospotrebnadzor’s stand focuses on the institution’s activities with a focus on the Sanitary Shield project (prevention, detection, response), import-substituting products and technologies of Rospotrebnadzor’s subordinate scientific organizations.

Special attention is given to the 100th anniversary of the institution. We will present a museum area dedicated to the anniversary of Rospotrebnadzor, which will highlight the work of the institution over the course of a century in multimedia format featuring rare museum exhibits.

Traditionally, a flu vaccination campaign is launched at the service stand.

In the year of its 75th anniversary, the Federal Medical-Biological Agency will have a stand displaying innovative technologies as part of the Eastern Economic Forum. The Agency’s leading scientific and clinical centres will present the latest achievements in medical science, unique medicinal products, innovative medical rehabilitation technologies, and modern test systems for the identification of infectious diseases. A special emphasis will be placed on the Federal Medical-Biological Agency’s developments for the effective prevention and treatment of COVID-19, such as the Konvasel vaccine, Mir 19 and Leitragyn medicinal products. Possibilities of comprehensive treatment of oncological diseases using proton and photon therapy will also be demonstrated.

The Roscartography and Rosreestr stand is dedicated to the key projects of the geodesy and cartography industry, such as the creation of the National Spatial Data System, the Unified Electronic Cartographic Framework (EECO), and development of new digital services for people and businesses. Friendly UMKA bear, a symbol of the Smart Cadastre service, will welcome guests to the stand. Visitors will be able to see interactive geospatial “passports” of the Far Eastern regions, and learn about the history and advanced mapping technologies. During the days of the Forum, consultation support on all land and real estate services is available at Roscartography and Rosreestr.

The Russian Fish House chalet, a collective exposition of the Federal Agency for Fisheries (Rosrybolovstvo), will be a point of attraction at EEF 2022. It will showcase a variety of wild fish and seafood products harvested and processed in a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly way in the Far East, Kamchatka and Sakhalin. Industry leaders such as Okeanrybflot, Rybolovetskiy kolhoz named after Lenin, Magadanryba, Gidrostroy, Antey, Ozernovsky Fish Canning Plant No. 55, and TPK-Ostrov will present investment projects at the chalet. They will present vessels that will be built in the new realities of technological independence.

Guests of the Russian Fish House will be able to sample haute cuisine dishes from an exclusive menu created by the chefs of top restaurants in Moscow and Vladivostok. The open kitchen and bar will operate as a cooking show throughout the days of the Forum.


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