Novik Bay, Russky Island

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The Environment in the Spotlight of the SDG: A Chance to Talk About the Main Resource of Life

The hero of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s story said: “It’s a just a question of self-discipline. First thing in the morning you look after yourself, you brush your teeth and wash your face, don’t you? Well, the second thing you must do is to look after the planet.” The author packed his work with profound meanings, and this quote from the main character is not an exception. Like a metaphor, it makes us think about what you or I can do to help the environment, or at least leave it in good shape for the next generation. The UN has set out 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and ‘Clean water and sanitation’, ‘Life below water’, and ‘Life on land’, are becoming particularly instrumental in investment decisions. The green agenda is not only integrated into the development of companies, but is also being implemented at the state level, through national and federal projects. In the Far East, including on Russky Island, numerous new investment projects are planned for the near future in tourism, recreation, sports, education, housing, and other areas that will significantly change the appearance of the territories and affect the environment. What should be done and how, and what mistakes should be anticipated and avoided when carrying out projects on Russky Island? How can the SDG agenda of companies and investors working and implementing projects on the island affect the future of its ecosystem and the health of its inhabitants? Which UN Sustainable Development Goals should be prioritized in the further development of the island for its preservation?


Building D, level 5, conference hall 14

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Session 2 of the Presidium of the Scientific and Expert Council of the State Commission on Arctic Development within the Framework of the Eastern Economic Forum


Building A, level 5, conference hall 4

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Industrial Design for the Far East: Opportunities, Impact, and Challenges. How to Create a New Industry

Incorporating design into the production cycle of goods and services is a widely practised approach that has demonstrated significant economic benefits on a global scale.
Design-oriented companies are more resistant to crises and fluctuations in the market, and have innovative potential and the capability to create a competitive product for both domestic and foreign markets. The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has called industrial and product design an important resource for the development of domestic business. The use of design tools in Russian entities is uneven. During the session, participants will audit the opportunities of the Far East region in the area of industrial design, share the experience of interaction between industry and design, and outline the problems and prospects associated with the creation of competitive products in the Far East and the Arctic in the new realities.
Discussion questions:
1. What are the prerequisites and impediments to the development of industrial design as a key business strategy in the region, considering products, environment, and production?
2. How can we establish a connection between the industrial sector and creative designers in the local industrial context, and what is the role of industrial design in this relationship?
3. What opportunities and principles should be considered when creating an infrastructure where design becomes an integral part of production?
4. What support measures and initiatives should be provided by governmental structures?
5. How do local professional design communities contribute to and participate in the Russian design context?

Vitaly Stavitsky — President, Union of Designers of Russia

Yekaterina Ivanova — Head of the Creative Projects Directorate, Roscongress Foundation
Andrey Ivantsov — Founder of MINPRUS
Natalia Karpova — Head of Project Support, Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Primorsky Territory
Denis Kravchenko — Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Economic Policy
Daniela Pica — Member of the Board, Autonomous non-profit organization of initiatives and assistance to promote and popularize design and cultural development "Vladivostok Design"
Daria Topilskaya
Ivan Tsvetkov — Founder and head of the design bureau Da-sein Bureau
Artyom Shevchenko — General Director, Dalrybtekhtsentr