Bukhta Truda, Russky Island, Vladivostok

Clean Games sports eco-volunteering networking event

Clean Games is a litter clean-up competition. This environmental quest will be held at the EEF Sport Games in a networking format. Representatives of different organizations will be grouped into teams (from two to four people). There is also an opportunity to form a corporate team.

The beach clean-up game will last 30 minutes. This will be followed by a coffee break and an awards ceremony.


The World Friendship Games pavilion

The World Friendship Games pavilion at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum will tell the story of what will be the first major international multi-sport tournament with the participation of the best athletes on the planet.

The first-ever World Friendship Games will be held in Moscow and Yekaterinburg in September 2024, and leading athletes from Russia and around the world will take part in the tournament with a significant prize fund.

What sports are included in the programme of the World Friendship Games, which sports facilities will be involved, and who will come to participate? Answers to these and many other questions about the main sporting event of the next summer in Russia can be found at the tournament's information booth.

The stand will involve the signing of memoranda of cooperation across various aspects of Games preparation, along with the presentation of initiatives aimed at promoting the tournament.

Access for spectators is free.


Pavilion of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation at the ‘Far East Street’ Exhibition, Russky Island

‘Sport – a vital norm’ Ministry of Sport pavilion

The pavilion of the Ministry of Sport at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum, called 'Sport – a vital norm’, will be a platform for productive discussions on the development of physical culture and sport.

Speakers and participants will engage in discussions on a range of relevant subjects, including sporting achievements, international cooperation in the realm of sports, innovative formats for sporting events, and the future prospects for the advancement of mass sports in Russia.

Visitors to the Russian Ministry of Sport's pavilion will have the opportunity to make the most of their time, engaging not only in informative business sessions but also participating in an active sports programme within the premises of the Ministry's second pavilion, known as the ‘Arena GTO’.


Pavilion of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation at the ‘Far East Street’ Exhibition, Russky Island

GTO Games International Cup of the Far East 2023

The ‘Arena GTO’ pavilion at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum will host the ‘GTO Games 2023’ 2nd Open Cup of the Far East.
The competitions will be held in the format of the GTO multisport event, which was recognized as a new sport by the Russian Ministry of Sport in June this year.

Participants of the Cup of the Far East will be 212 athletes from all over Russia, including participants of the teams of the Far East regions.

For the first time, the 2023 edition of the GTO Games Cup of the Far East will feature junior teams consisting of the best high school students from the Far East who have passed the selection process and proved that they are already the best of the best.

Athletes will fight for the right to be called GTO champions and win valuable prizes from the organizers.

Visitors to the pavilion will be greeted by an unparalleled and electrifying sports atmosphere, featuring a spectacular show complete with special effects and thrilling competitions among professional athletes.


Pavilion of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) at the ‘Far East Street’ Exhibition, Russky Island

Young People to Compete for Railways of Yakutia Prize during ‘Pacific Frontier’ Multisport Competition at EEF

The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) Sports Games will once again include the Yakut Multisport Competition. Young people from Armenia, Brazil, Hungary, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, and other countries will showcase their skills in unique Yakut sports competitions and test themselves for strength endurance, speed, flexibility, and dexterity, which are inherent in real Yakutia warriors.

The spectators will watch the contestants compete in ’Tutum-Ergiir’, or Yakut spinning, and learn the different types of Yakut jumps, as well as numerous other interesting types of physical activity practiced by the people of the North.

The event is free to spectators.


FEFU Library Reading Room, level A10, Russky Island

2nd International Chess Tournament for the EEF Cup

For the second year in a row, a rapid chess tournament will be held as part of the EEF Sport Games.

This year, the competition features a significantly stronger international presence. Joining the event in Vladivostok are Indian prodigy Raunak Sadhwani, who achieved the grandmaster title at the age of 13, and Nodirbek Yakubboev from Uzbekistan, the winner of the Chess Olympiad. They will be pitted against formidable opponents, including Vladislav Artemyev, a rising star of Russian chess, alongside several other promising grandmasters. Consequently, attendees of the EEF can anticipate witnessing a confrontation of the future stars of world chess.

The matches will take place surrounded by mesmerising views from the balcony of the FEFU Library.

Grandmaster and popular blogger Alina Bivol will comment on the games live.

The prize fund of the tournament will amount to three million rubles.

Access to the event is free for spectators.