Amur Bay Water Area, Pier 30, SportivnayaNaberezhnaya

Roscongress Cup. Sailing regatta in the Platu 25 class

Professional yachtsmen from the Far East and crews from other regions of Russia will go to the start.

The format of the sailing competition includes short dynamic races. The distance will be placed in front of the central embankment of the city of Vladivostok, pretty close to the shore, so that the Forum guests and the city residents can observe the battle of the participants.

The yacht of the Roscongress Foundation led by Sergey Bryuzga will take part in the competition. Sergey has medals and victories in the championships of St. Petersburg in several classes of cruising yachts under his belt. He also took part in the championships of Russia and the world championship in the SB20 class, prestigious Commodore's Cup, Cowes Week races.


Amur Bay Water Area, Pier 30, SportivnayaNaberezhnaya

Eastern Economic Forum Parade of Sails

From 8 to 13 September 2023, Vladivostok will host the Parade of Sails – a key, annual patriotic sports event of the Eastern Economic Forum, with the participation of large training sailboats "Nadezhda" and "Pallada", sailing yachts of international and national classes, foreign teams and high-ranking guests.

The programme includes the following events:
• Children's and youth sailing regatta;
• Parade of large training sailboats;
• Sailing regatta of keel yachts;
• Roscongress Cup. Sailing regatta;
• Far East Cup international regatta.

Over 1,000 young yachtsmen and sailors will take part in the Parade of Sails. A myriad of sailing children's and large yachts, as well as two legendary Russian sailboats "Nadezhda" and "Pallada" will bring the city, its residents, guests, and the EEF participants a bright, marine and memorable holiday.

The winners and prize-winners will be awarded on 13 September at the central square of Vladivostok.


Pavilion of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation at the ‘Far East Street’ Exhibition, Russky Island

GTO Games International Cup of the Far East 2023

The ‘Arena GTO’ pavilion at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum will host the ‘GTO Games 2023’ 2nd Open Cup of the Far East.
The competitions will be held in the format of the GTO multisport event, which was recognized as a new sport by the Russian Ministry of Sport in June this year.

Participants of the Cup of the Far East will be 212 athletes from all over Russia, including participants of the teams of the Far East regions.

For the first time, the 2023 edition of the GTO Games Cup of the Far East will feature junior teams consisting of the best high school students from the Far East who have passed the selection process and proved that they are already the best of the best.

Athletes will fight for the right to be called GTO champions and win valuable prizes from the organizers.

Visitors to the pavilion will be greeted by an unparalleled and electrifying sports atmosphere, featuring a spectacular show complete with special effects and thrilling competitions among professional athletes.


Pavilion of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation at the ‘Far East Street’ Exhibition, Russky Island

‘Sport – a vital norm’ Ministry of Sport pavilion

The pavilion of the Ministry of Sport at the 8th Eastern Economic Forum, called 'Sport – a vital norm’, will be a platform for productive discussions on the development of physical culture and sport.

Speakers and participants will engage in discussions on a range of relevant subjects, including sporting achievements, international cooperation in the realm of sports, innovative formats for sporting events, and the future prospects for the advancement of mass sports in Russia.

Visitors to the Russian Ministry of Sport's pavilion will have the opportunity to make the most of their time, engaging not only in informative business sessions but also participating in an active sports programme within the premises of the Ministry's second pavilion, known as the ‘Arena GTO’.


Tokarevskaya Koshka Yacht Club

‘Russian Grand Prix 2023’ Russian Cup in Aquabike

Exceeding speeds of 100 km/h, with hundreds of horsepower in the engine and no brakes, exhilarating water races will be held for the first time as part of the EEF Sport Games.

The water areas of the Amur and Ussuri Bays will host the Russian Cup in aquabike.

Wonders of speed and manoeuvrability will be demonstrated by Russia's strongest athletes, including world champions Olga Antoniuk and Vsevolod Chernukha.


Novik Bay, Russky Island

Vladivostok International Rowing Regatta

For the second consecutive year, the international regatta, held as part of the EEF Sport Games, will be a grand celebration of the sport of rowing.

Like a year ago, the competition will feature a diverse range of participants. Teams from China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Serbia, and Cuba will gather in Vladivostok. Leading rowers will take part in the 500-metre race.

The guests of the regatta will have the opportunity not only to observe the thrilling races in the scenic bay but also to test their skills in indoor rowing. Experienced coaches will lead masterclasses, after which participants can compete in amateur competitions to determine the strongest contender.

The audience will also enjoy an exciting cultural and gastronomic programme that is sure to delight adults and children alike.

Access to the event is free for spectators.