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Participation packages and fees


Apply to participate

If you are interested in participating in the Eastern Economic Forum in 2019, please complete an application on the Forum website. The Organizing Committee will consider each application and issue a written invitation to approved participants. Applications are accepted until 21 August 2019.

Participation in the Forum is by written invitation from the Organizing Committee only. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse requests without explanation.

Participants who receive an invitation should confirm or decline their participation through their personal web office on the Forum website. The login and password for your personal web office can be found in the information letter accompanying your invitation.

Participation packages and fees

There are two participation packages available for Eastern Economic Forum participants:

Premium Package
EUR 3,926.00* (incl. VAT)*
USD 4,689.00* (incl. VAT)*

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Standard Package
EUR 3,153.00* (incl. VAT)*
USD 3,753.00* (incl. VAT)*

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* The descriptions indicate the base price for a single participant. Before making payment, Forum participants must first sign an agreement or create an invoice agreement to confirm their participation. The date of payment shall be considered to be the date on which the funds reach the account of the Roscongress Foundation.

Quotas (permitted number of participants per company)

In order to maintain the high level of representation at the Forum, the following limitations are in place for the Eastern Economic Forum 2019: 

3 Premium Packages + 3 Standard Packages 

If the delegation is led by the head of the company (President, General/Managing Director, CEO, or Chair of the Board), the company may register a maximum of three Premium Package participants (head of company plus two deputy heads of company, board members/directors, or heads of representative offices), and three Standard Package participants.

2 Premium Packages + 2 Standard Packages

If the delegation is not led by the head of the company, the company may register a maximum of two Premium Package participants (at the level of deputy head, board member/director, or head of representative office) and two Standard Package participants.

Please note that if the established quota for the number of participants from a given company is exceeded, the participation fee will be raised. The fee for each additional participant will increase by 20% of the base package price.


For further information, please contact the Eastern Economic Forum information centre:

 +7 (499) 7000 111