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Topic: Russia-China: trade cannot be stopped, where shall we put a comma?

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The 2020-2021 pandemic led to a slowdown in the development of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and China, but the positive dynamics continued. After the events of February 2022, the “turn to the east” of the Russian economy has acquired a new relevance. In the context of unprecedented sanctions pressure on Russia, the flight of Western brands from the Russian market, and the ongoing attempts by the collective West to deliver sensitive blows to the external relations of our country, Russia's reaction is quite expected. There is an increase in the dynamics of the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in all spheres and formats.
At the same time, Russian-Chinese cooperation is already at an unprecedented level in terms of mutual trust and development rates: mutual trade is reaching a record $200 billion, the volume of settlements in national currencies is growing, and an active dialogue is underway to link the mechanisms of the Eurasian Economic Union and the initiatives “One belt, one way”. Russia and China intend to maximize the effective use of the potential of the existing comprehensive, mutually beneficial and complementary strategic partnership.
The task of our joint cooperation is to promote the conversion of intentions into results.
How is this possible and how can a qualitative growth of bilateral trade be ensured? In what sectors of the economy of the two countries is there an urgent need for mutual investment? What additional mechanisms at the regional level are needed to further expand cooperation?

Nikolai Vavilov

Jian Wang — Head of International Business Department, Henan Wolfe Autoparts Co.
Liang Li — Chairman of the board, Shengli oilfield Kangbei petroleum engineering equipment co.,ltd
Yury Saprykin — Vice President for Regional and International Development, Skolkovo Foundation
Xinhong Zhang — CEO, Zhengzhou Coal Mining Company


Building A, level 11, Roscongress Club

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