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  • BAIKALSEA Company

    BAIKALSEA Company is the largest water bottling facility in Siberia. Diversity and abundance of the nature in Lake Baikal region enables us to produce mineral medicinal water Baikal Reserve at the foot of the Sayan mountains, natural water with unique properties Baikal Pearl, and deep water from Lake Baikal from depth of 430 meters. Corporate quality and management standards developed and implemented by the company ensure full control over the process of production, bottling and delivery to Customer, while offering company Partners high level of service. Our goal is not to produce and sell the maximum amount of product imaginable – our goal is to meet expectations of the most demanding Customers who value their health.
  • Association of volunteer centers (AVC)

    The Association of Volunteer Centers is the largest non-profit organizations in Russia. The mission of AVC is to create infrastructure for the development of volunteerism – so that volunteering becomes a natural norm of life. AVC implement programs that cover all spheres of public life and are aimed to develop volunteer movement and support civic initiatives. Within 6 years of the AVC work the number of volunteers in Russia has increased from 3 to 16%, and the willingness of people to help has grown significantly. AVC has a network of volunteer resource centers in 85 regions of Russia and features 164 official Russian member organizations while partnering with over 1.1 thousand entities. The Association implements federal programs and projects that develop student, "silver", international and other areas of volunteering. AVC operated the DOBRO.RU portal, the All-Russian Campaign #WeAreTogether and the International Prize #WeAreTogether, as well as others.

    Artem Metelev — Chairman of the Council of the Association of Volunteer Centers
  • CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory”

    CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory” is one of the oldest milk processing plants in Krasnodar region. From year to year the factory products wins a gold medals in the nomination “For the best dairy products”, takes top places and has numerous diplomas. Consumers know a trademark “Cow from Korenovka” not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries and the European Union countries. The main products of CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory” are: Canned milk, Dairy butter, Whole-milk products, Ice cream. Factory policy aims to produce environmentally friendly products because we using only natural raw materials in our production process. Daily plant receives more than 600 tons of raw milk and delivers over 500 tons of end products. For all the time of activities of CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory”, the top management implements effectively the measures which are aimed at preserving jobs, modernization and diversification of production, the expansion of jobs due to the construction of new work sections and the expansion of production – today the average number of manpower is more than 2,500 people.

    Igor Moskovtsev
  • Orimi Group of Companies

    Orimi Group of Companies is the largest producer of tea and roasted coffee in Russia. Orimi Group of Companies is rated in 400 largest Russian companies list published by “Expert” magazine. The Group integrates all functions for creating and promoting its consumer products including import of bulk tea and coffee from the major origin countries, development of unique proprietary tea and coffee blends, production of all types of tea and coffee consumer products, multi-level production and management control systems, logistics, sales, marketing, advertising support, customs clearance and export. The company brands – Greenfield and TESS teas, coffees Jardin – are among most well-known and popular in Russia. The major asset of Orimi Group of Companies is Orimi LLC tea and coffee producing factory. Orimi LLC factory is the key production facility of Russia’s tea and coffee industry. Orimi products are sold in the EU, the USA, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the CIS countries.

    Alexander Evnevich — Board of Directors Chairman
  • Public Law company “Russian Environmental Operator”

    Public Law company “Russian Environmental Operator” (REO) was created by decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the 14th of January 2019, its purposes include: formation and management of an integrated municipal solid waste (MSW) management system, prevention of harmful effects of municipal MSW on human health and the environment and involvement of MSW in economic circulation as raw materials and products. REO is working on the development of a circular economy in Russia, which should help lower the use of resources, decrease MSW production and limit energy consumption. REO’s goals are aligned with those of the National Project “Ecology”, and according to them, Russia is going to achieve the 30-year long experience of European countries in just 10 year. REO ambitious goals which are set for 2030 include achieving 100% of MSW processing, and the reduction of the proportion of MSW on landfills by 50%. REO plays a crucial role in stimulating the MSW management market in Russia. REO is developing support measures and works on bringing investors into construction and reconstruction projects of numerous infrastructural facilities. REO values highly the experience of multinational MSW management companies, international organizations and professionals that promote environmental sustainability. REO is looking forward to a long-term cooperation, technological and “know-how” exchange.

    Denis Butsaev — General Director at Public Law company “Russian Environmental Operator”
  • V-TELL Group of companies

    V-TELL - A Global Mobile Operator. V-TELL, Group of Companies includes branches in the USA, Holland, Russia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong. The V-TELL team has developed an innovative product that allows Subscribers to have roaming-free access to a single "Home Network" between countries. The innovative Smart CLI technology allows for the Caller ID on the receiving parties’ device, in any country, to automatically display the Subscribers local number of the receiving parties’ country. Therefore, the Subscriber can stay in contact with their clients, banks, government agencies, new and existing business partners as if they never left their country. A V-TELL Subscribers’ contacts can always reach them using a local phone number of their home country, regardless which country the Subscriber is in at the time. Meanwhile, the Subscribers physical location always remains confidential due to the prerecorded English messages on their device.

    Felix Vakhovsky — Founder of V-TELL, Group of Companies
  • Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

    Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is one of the leading private business schools in Russia and CIS founded in 2006 under the initiative of business community. The founding partners include Russian and international companies and private leaders of Russian business. SKOLKOVO Business School education programme includes programmes for businesses at all growth stages, from startup to a large corporation to international business. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO holds EQUIS EFMD accreditations and is a member of GNAM, which brings together 30 top business schools worldwide, and GBSN. In 2020, SKOLKOVO Business School was the only Eastern European school included in Financial Times Executive Education 2020: top 50 schools based on its custom programme and won EFMD Excellence in Practice 2020 Gold Award.

    Yuri Levin — Dean, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO