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  • KT Corporation (Korea Telecom)

    Established as Korea Telecom in 1981, KT has been Korea’s largest comprehensive communications operator. After the merger of KTF, a mobile telecommunications subsidiary in 2009, KT operates a diverse business portfolio including telecommunication businesses such as mobile telecommunications, internet, and fixed-line telephones, as well as media/contents, finance, real estate, and corporate solutions. Since the commercialization of 5G for the first time in the world in 2019, KT has increased its service quality by expanding its coverage to 85 cities nationwide, and as a result, the number of 5G subscribers has grown to 1.41 million, which is about 10% of general wireless subscribers. KT will continue to create new growth engines by commercializing future convergence services such as AI, VR/AR, blockchain, and connected cars based on intelligent networks.

    Dr. Hyeonmo Ku — President, Chief Executive Officer in KT