8 June 2018

During the Direct Line Vladimir Putin Talked about Supporting High-tech Industries in the Far East

One of the questions for the Direct Line with Vladimir Putin was the question of labour market in the Far East. The President noted that the state is supporting the high-tech sectors that were created in the Far East region.

“One of them is aircraft manufacturing. In the past, only combat aircraft were manufactured in the Far East, but now we are also developing civilian production there. We will continue to develop aircraft manufacturing in the Far East along with shipbuilding, which we are reviving there. Take the Zvezda Shipyard, where major projects are progressing and where specialized vessels will be built, including very large ships that have never been built in Russia before. We will also develop the space industry in the Far East. There is a reason the Vostochny Space Launch Centre was built in the Far East and not somewhere else in the country. These competencies – high-tech sectors, including auto manufacturing – will be further developed,” emphasized Vladimir Putin. In addition, the Head of the State spoke about the development of science and education in the Far East.

“In fact, although we created a new university based on existing schools, Far Eastern Federal University is unique for the Russian Far East in terms of quality and scale. These are large and long-term projects, but we will continue to move in this direction,” noted the President.

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