Startup Lounge

‘Startup Lounge’ is a platform for dialogue and in-depth discussion of trends and issues with leading experts, who will help innovators evaluate their real prospects.

The creators of the most successful projects will have access to various forms of government support, corporate partner accelerator programs, and investments.

The project is being implemented in close cooperation with parties that are interested in the search for promising and innovative new technologies: large Russian corporations, development institutions, high-tech platforms, and government agencies.

The platform is intended to support young academics, inventors, and developers, to form a generation of tech entrepreneurs in Russia, to motivate young specialists working on creating innovative technologies and products, and to discover, support, and advance the creators of innovative projects and their developments.

The ‘Startup Lounge at EEF’ program is an symbiotic amalgamation of interactive formats and opportunities for young innovators to:

  • Present their projects
  • Attract financing
  • Search for partners
  • Share their skills and experiences
  • Scale their business
  • Get inspired to make their ideas a reality
  • Export their solutions to international markets and gain practical knowledge

Participants will include:

  • World-class Venture Capitalists
  • Talented young startuppers and entrepreneurs
  • Heads of Russian Development Institutions
  • Heads of Russian and international companies