Business networking

The Roscongress Foundation is opening up new opportunities for expanding ties in Russia and abroad, and EEF 2022 participants will be among the first to try them out.

The effective networking algorithm helps you find reliable partners and promote your products in new markets. It is underpinned by the Roscongress Foundation’s vast experience as an organizer of large-scale events for Russian and foreign business.

The service stops you wasting time on analyzing suitable companies and manually searching for contacts. There’s no need to expend any effort on communications that don’t produce a response, instead you will immediately get a list of warm leads that have shown mutual interest.

How it works:

  • We create for you a database of potential partners in Russia and abroad;
  • We focus on your chosen industry and specific interests;
  • We send out letters and presentation materials via proven communication channels, and also draft the letters and materials;
  • We establish direct contacts and collect mailing list responses;
  • We help you prepare for upcoming negotiations, taking into account the specific nature of your industry, geography and the mindset of your potential partners.

Tell us about the market you want to move into and what you want from your partners, and we will send you a list of potential partners free of charge.


This service has been developed by the Roscongress Foundation together with the Interregional contact center.

The Interregional contact center is a business partner for digital marketing, working with clients, delegate management for events and communications, and also for product management, the development and roll-out of the Roscongress Foundation’s IT products and technological development.
 +7 (495) 146 6836, +7 (812) 213 6836