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EEF Junior Forum

Design Laboratory

Discover the Far East as a Space to Implement New Gen’s Ideas

Supported by FEFU

Participants will be divided into four teams which, during the three days of the forum, will develop a design solution within one of the following tracks of the program:
- Far East for life - socio-cultural opportunities;
- Far East for education - updating the education system;
- Far East for work - transformation of the human resource;
- Development of the youth entrepreneurship system - Focus on the East.
The work of the laboratories will be structured as follows: on September 5–7, laboratory participants, based on real data and expert support, will develop a design solution that reflects the real needs and interests of the Far East region.
On September 8, teams will present "summary" ideas and projects to interested business and government representatives, receive feedback and be able to engage in discussions with experts on sociocultural and economic issues.


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EEF Junior Forum


Cities of the Future: How Youth Interests Drive Placemaking

Infrastructure, housing, public spaces, educational institutions, technological solutions: in order to meet the needs of the new generation, to remain interesting to young people, cities must change. This process highly depends on mayors who play an important role - as a manager and role model.
How are cities changing? What projects are being implemented for the new generation?
How are the needs of adolescents taken into account, how is communication built?
Opportunities for education and realization in cities - how to prevent moving to the capital and other cities of Russia;
The personality of the mayor as a role model - what qualities you need to have in order to become a successful head of the city.

Irina Makieva — Chief Managing Partner for Urban Development, VEB.RF

Evgeny Grigoriev — Head of Yakutsk Urban Distrikt
Alisa Denisova — CEO, ProSchool LLC
Alexander Sapozhnikov — Mayor of Chita
Konstantin Shestakov — Head of the City of Vladivostok

Alexander Eremenko — Director of Digital Transformation Academy, Head of Technologies of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, monitoring and modeling to ensure the environmental sustainability of smart cities
Oksana Kosachenko — President, Sistema Charitable Foundation
Stanislav Neverov — General Director, East Arctic Oil and Gas Corporation
Darya Onischuk — Managing Partner of City Solutions and Monocities Development


Building A, level 8, Point Junior

EEF Junior Forum



Supported by of the PLC "Russian Environmental Operator"

Ecoquiz is an analogue of popular quizzes, where teams in a relaxed atmosphere solve logical tasks of various formats dedicated to the environment. The ecoquiz will consist of a warm-up, three rounds and a final challenge. Questions are designed to a large extent for logic and ingenuity, so the game will appeal not only to those who consider themselves pros in the topic of ecology.

Kirill Tserkovnikov — Chief Specialist of Pre-University Education, FEFU