15 August 2019

The Jewish Autonomous Region is Preparing for the ‘Far East Street 2019’ Exhibition

The Jewish Autonomous Region is preparing to present the region at the Far East Street exhibition, which will be held on 38 September on the embankment of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok as part of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum.

The pavilion will be dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Jewish Autonomous Region. An exposition entitled Rainbow of Perspectives is intended to demonstrate the unique character of the region in terms of its culture and nature, the importance of its residents to its ongoing development, its investment attractiveness, achievements and plans for the future.

Visitors to the pavilion will be able to learn how the regions residents have shaped its history over the last 85 years. The central element of the exposition is part of this; a mirrorred 2-metre cylinder with thousands of images stretching downwards in the form of a tunnel that you can walk through. The installation is intended to demonstrate the importance of preserving Jewish culture and traditions, said the regions First Deputy Prime Minister Galina Sokolova.

One of the external elements of the exposition will be a rainbow-coloured stairway ascending skywards. The regions flag contains a rainbow as a symbol of aspiration, growth and development. Inside, the pavilion will be divided into zones: Minerals, Investment Projects, Export Support Centre and others. An installation dedicated to Jewish identity will be the highlight of the pavilion.

The area around the pavilion will house an interactive chessboard with three-dimensional figures, as well as a night-time installation in the form of a spiral with Yiddish words. In the rest area you will be able to enjoy the music of performing artists and demonstration performances of karate sportspeople from the Jewish Autonomous Oblast who have won competitions at the Russian and international level.

Visitors to Far East Street will learn about the incredible wealth of the Jewish Autonomous Region, how it is developing and growing, and about the regions participation in the National Development Programme for the Far East. At the pavilion you can learn about 7 investment projects that are set to be implemented in the region.

The Jewish Autonomous Region is preparing to proudly represent the region at EEF 2019. 2019 is a jubilee year for both the region and the Eastern Economic Forum, which is being held for the fifth time. It has rightfully gained the status of the main international platform for discussing the key issues related to economic development and cooperation of the Far Eastern Federal District with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. This Forum is particularly special the National Development Programme for the Far East until 2025 will be presented to President Vladimir Putin. The territorial programme has been awarded the status of a national project, which underlines the priority development of the Far Eastern Federal District, said the Regional Governor Alexander Levintal.

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