23 September 2019

The President of Russia Approved a List of Instructions Issued Following the Plenary Session of the Eastern Economic Forum

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following the plenary meeting of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum on 5 September 2019.


1. To the Government of the Russian Federation:


a) to ensure amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation to provide subsidies to bring mortgage interest rates to two percent for young families through to 1 January 2025 on the primary housing market of the Russian regions that are part of the Far Eastern Federal District, or building a house on a land plot provided under Federal Law No.119-FZ of 1 May 2016 ‘On the special aspects of providing citizens with state or municipal land plots in the Russian regions that are a part of the Far Eastern Federal District, and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation’ by allocating funds from the state programme of the Russian Federation ‘Social and Economic Development of the Far Eastern Federal District’ and the joint-stock company ‘Far East and Baikal Region Development Fund’.


Deadline: 15 December 2019;


b) to take steps towards updating the facilities and equipment of cultural institutions in the Far Eastern Federal District, including museums, theatres and libraries, with particular focus on small towns and rural areas.


Report back by 15 November 2019, then once every six months.


c) to additionally increase compensation payments up to 200 percent to participants in the Country Doctor and Country Teacher programmes who have moved to work in rural areas and small towns in the Far Eastern Federal District.


Deadline: 1 December 2019;


d) to increase targeted education quotas for residents of the Far Eastern Federal District from the federal budget for specialities and university degrees in high demand in the Russian Far East, specifying the list of the regions where students will be employed under agreements for targeted government-financed education.


Deadline: 1 December 2019;


e) to take steps to give airlines involved in low-cost regional air transportation within the Far Eastern Federal District access to international air services.


Deadline: 1 March 2020;


f) to submit proposals on the creation of a venture fund in the Far Eastern Federal District to support the development of local high-tech projects, taking into consideration the existing development institutions and financial organizations.


Report back by 1 March 2020;


g) to submit proposals on attracting investors in the development of eco-tourism in the Far Eastern Federal District with strict observance of regulations on protected natural territories.



Report back by 1 December 2019;


h) to ensure entries on the borders of protected natural territories of the Far Eastern Federal District and the central ecological zone of the Baikal Natural Area into the Unified State Register of Real Estate


Deadline: 1 July 2021.


Responsible: Dmitry Medvedev


2. The Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic, along with the Healthcare Ministry and the Primorye Territory Administration are to submit proposals with draft normative legal acts on the creation of a medical services cluster in the Far Eastern Federal District, defining the features of legal regulation of its operations as a specialized organization to promote innovations in healthcare


Report back by 15 January 2020.


Responsible: Alexander Kozlov, Veronika Skvortsova, and Oleg Kozhemyako.


Source: kremlin.ru

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