10 April 2019

Yury Trutnev: Analysis of Development of the Russian Far East at EEF 2019

An analysis of the economic and social development of the Russian Far East over the past 5 years is planned for the fifth anniversary of the Eastern Economic Forum, which is to be held 4-6 September in Vladivostok. Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev made this announcement during a press conference held at the International Arctic Forum in St. Petersburg.

“This year is the fifth anniversary of the Eastern Economic Forum, which brings us great responsibility. It’s time for us to take stock: what has happened since the very first Forum was held in the Russian Far East. We’ve gained some experience, I think, and there are results that can be analyzed. Some of the models created for the Far East can be employed for the development of the Arctic region”, Trutnev said.

According to Trutnev, each national project will be studied in detail before the Forum. “We need to understand how the education system in the Far East will improve, and what goals have been set in road construction, housing, and healthcare. We are discussing each area of focus right now with the relevant ministry responsible for it. This is a great deal of work, and it is being led by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have to tell people how their lives will change. The issues affecting each area - health, education, sports, culture - are quite serious. We will work together”, he stressed.

The National Programme for the Development of the Russian Far East by 2025 will have been created by September 2019 and should combine the activities of national projects and state programmes, long-term agency and infrastructure company industry-specific plans, and development strategies for all the regions of the Far East. It should contain subject specific measurements and measurable indicators. Key areas of the National Programme include providing progressive dynamics in social matters, including housing, utilities, transport accessibility, healthcare, culture and sports, and the development of the economy and science. Every citizen of Russia can take part in shaping the development programme for the country’s east. To this end, the special дв2025.рф portal was launched on 15 December. The collection of proposals for inclusion in the National Programme for the Development of the Russian Far East by 2025 has now ended. The next stage involves voting, which will take place on the website until 1 May 2019. The National Programme will be adopted at the 5th Eastern Economic Forum.

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