27 April 2020

Russian Far East to Receive RUB 2.9 Billion for Social Objects

meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation on 23 April approved the allocation of additional funds to Far Eastern regions in accordance with the Plan for the Social Development of Economic Growth Centres. 

A total of RUB 2.9 billion will be allocated towards the construction, renovation, and modernization of social facilities in Zabaikalsky and Khabarovsk Territories and Amur, Jewish Autonomous, and Magadan Regions.

“Despite the need to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we must work towards the goals set by the President of the Russian Federation for federal and regional authorities with regard to the socioeconomic situation in the Russian Far East and the improvement of the public’s quality of life. The last two years saw the construction of 300 facilities and the renovation of 200 facilities. This includes the renovation and construction of day-care facilities, schools, hospitals, sports facilities, and cultural centres, the purchase of medical equipment for health facilities, and the provision of colleges and universities. These efforts are currently being undertaken and will continue on a regular basis.


Source (in Russian): https://minvr.ru/press-center/news/24709/

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