Exhibition by Dashi Namdakov and Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov to Open as Part of the Eastern Economic Forum

The exhibition titled ‘Transbaikal. The Flight’ will present unique artwork by two Transbaikal natives, the renowned sculptor Dashi Namdakov and the famous bladesmith Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov, and will be held as part of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

The exposition will be held at the Forum’s Transbaikal venue. It will tell the story of the distinctive cultures of the indigenous peoples of the region, whence many cultural figures and artists were born and whence they sought inspiration, becoming known far beyond the borders of their home territory.

The artists’ works have been shown numerous times in London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, and Florence. Now art lovers have the opportunity to see the works of these world-famous masters in Vladivostok, to become inspired by their distinct approach of blending reality and fantasy, the ancient and the modern.

Dashi Namdakov’s works are included in the collections of the State Hermitage Museum, the Russian Museum of Ethnography, the State Museum of Oriental Art, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, and other famous museums around the world.

Dashi Namdakov is an Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of the Republic of Buryatia, a Member of The Russian Academy of Arts, an Honourary Member of the Accademia Delle Arti del Disegno [Florentine Academy of Drawing Arts], and an Honourary Professor of Siberian Federal University. The artist is a Transbaikal native, born in the village of Ukurik, Khiloksky District. Dashi Namdakov creates bronze sculptures, dolls, and figurines. His work draws from the roots of Buryat culture, historical narratives about the epic heroes of the Mongol people, and nomadic legends and fables. By blending the classical East with European familiarity, Namdakov’s work exudes individuality, style, and originality.

The bladesmith and jeweller Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov is a native of the village Alkhanay in the Agin-Buryat autonomous area. His work rises from the national traditions of Buryatia. He crafts unique blades using precious stones and metals. His works have been shown in numerous international and Russian exhibitions throughout his career and a number are part of private collections in Russia and around the world. His craft extends beyond knife-smithing to the creation of art objects, sculptures, pipes, and whips. Bayaskhalanov draws inspiration from his heritage and the Buryat epos. Each of his works of art has its own depth and unique authorial intent. The exposition will showcase exclusive works of art as well as new objects from the Workshop of Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov.