Participant bag

Bags will only be issued to participants who have received their accreditation badge.

Participant bags are issued upon presentation of a participant badge.

Participant bag distribution point operating hours (level 2, building A)





11–12 September


13 September


Participant bag collection by proxy with access to the blue zone

Participant bags can only be collected under power of attorney by a proxy upon presentation of a badge providing access to the Forum venue.

To collect a participant bag by proxy, your proxy must present:

* Power of attorney form to collect participant bags
Example of completed power of attorney form to collect participant bags

** An authorized person may use an electronic ticket at the bag distribution point to collect participant bags, upon presentation of a power of attorney.

The electronic ticket is an A4-sized document printed from a participant’s personal web office (in colour or black and white). It displays their personal details, a barcode, and other important information.

For additional information, please contact the EEF information centre:
+7 (499) 7000 111