13 November 2017

Business programme established for Far East Days in Moscow

The exhibition will take place on 816 December in the Russian capital, the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East said in a press release.

Several sessions will be held as part of the event, including the Valdai International Discussion Club session ‘Russia’s Pivot to the East: The Next Decade’. The participants in the session ‘A New Approach to the Comprehensive Development of Territories in the Far East: How Will It Work?’ will discuss the development of territories in the Far Eastern Federal District. Federal ministers will talk about the measures that will ensure growth in the region’s social development indicators by 2025.

“We are holding the Far East Days to show the targeted things that the capital’s audience needs. First of all, this includes a job fair. We are building more than 900 enterprises. People from all over the country will be needed to work at them. There will be thousands of vacancies. The second aspect that we consider important is the ‘Far Eastern hectare’. As you know, any resident of the Russian Federation can obtain land. Finally, we want to show investors the competitive advantages of the region, which is the centre of the Asia-Pacific region. Our goal is to convey information about how working in the Far East is profitable and effective”, Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev said.

During the Far East Days in Moscow, several of the capital’s universities will hold open lectures on the Far East. Investors who are implementing their projects in the region will speak about how to start and do business in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Several new enterprises are expected to be launched as part of a TV link-up during the exhibition. In addition, a presentation of the region’s investment opportunities and advanced special economic zones development is planned.

The business programme of the Far East Days in Moscow is scheduled for 14–16 December.

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