18 September 2023

Leading Healthcare Experts Take Part in EEF Business Programme

The Roscongress Foundation’s Healthy Life project organized expert discussions on key issues concerning topics at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). Leading healthcare experts took part in the sessions ‘Protecting the Population at the Basis of Sociocultural Development in Russia’, ‘Priorities for Healthcare Development: Innovative Technologies and Personalized Medicine’, ‘Territorial Planning in the Health Сare System’, and ‘The Global System of Drug Security. Protecting Health in a Multipolar World’.

The expert discussions were attended by: First Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Victor Fisenko; Deputy Chair of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Irina Yarovaya; Deputy Head of the Primorye Territory Administration and Minister of Health of the Primorye Territory Anastasia Khudchenko; Head of the Expert Council for Regulating the Circulation of Medicines and Medical Devices, Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Health Protection Alexandr Petrov; Association of European Businesses CEO Tadzio Schilling; Head of the Clinics Network, Russian Railways-Medicine – a Branch of Russian Railways; General Director, Russian Railways-Medicine Elena Zhidkova; Director, Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Olga Kobyakova; and General Director, All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center Foundation (VTsIOM); Chairman, Public Council under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Konstantin Abramov, among others.

“The sessions on healthcare at the EEF covered a wide range of issues in the development of healthcare: demographics, increasing the birth rate, improving people’s health, and drug security. There was a special focus on the implementation of healthcare programmes in remote areas. The level of participants underscores the important practical significance of the expert discussions organized by the Healthy Life ecosystem as part of key business events, the sessions were attended by leading healthcare experts. Key issues concerning the development of the industry are considered from different perspectives – by representatives of government agencies, non-profit organizations, and business. This approach helps to maximize the effective use of the discussion platform in order to develop roadmaps for the implementation of projects that aim to improve the healthcare system,” said Anastasia Stolkova, First Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Development, Director of the Healthcare Directorate, Roscongress Foundation.

The business programme session ‘Priorities for Healthcare Development: Innovative Technologies and Personalized Medicine’ was part of the ‘Technological Development as a Guarantee of Sovereignty’ track. Today, high-tech healthcare can significantly improve the quality of life for people in need of medical care due to: high-tech operations, informative modern diagnostic methods, personalized rehabilitation technologies, remote consultations, as well as the remote monitoring of patients’ health. High-tech healthcare can only develop with an industrial and technological base for the production of: modern diagnostic equipment, original medicines and innovative medical materials, and the development of genomic technologies. The use of advanced technologies to prevent diseases is equally important. Modern clusters and centres of preventive medicine in Russia already offer a high level of treatment based on advanced healthcare technologies.

The experts discussed what new tools are currently being used in the Far East to improve the provision of medical care, what priorities exist for developing high-tech healthcare to improve people’s health and quality of life in remote and hard-to-reach regions, and the most effective forms of cooperation in healthcare between the state and business in Russia and Asia-Pacific countries.

The Healthy Life ecosystem is a specialized platform for government representatives and expert communities to engage in a direct dialogue at the national and international levels in order to jointly search for practical proposals to address key health issues. The project also plays an active role in the government’s social policy and is responsible for the concept of creating a healthy society as a benchmark for Russia’s development. The ecosystem is a sustainable development tool that is used to advance Russia as a driver of the global health agenda.

The information partners of the Healthy Life project at the EEF 2023 included: Doctor TV channel, Pharmaceutical Bulletin, Medical Bulletin, PharmMedProm, Healthcare of Russia, Russian Doctor Publishing House, and Doctors of the Russian Federation.

The Eastern Economic Forum took place on 10–13 September 2023 in Vladivostok. Official website of the event: forumvostok.ru.

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