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  • The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM

    The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM is a global technological leader. The company has the assets and expertise to work at all stages of the nuclear production chain from uranium mining to the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and spent nuclear fuel management. ROSATOM brings together about 400 enterprises and organizations with around 250,000 employees. ROSATOM is the largest electricity producer in Russia, providing over 18% of the country's energy needs. The Corporation is third in the world in terms of nuclear power generation, and a global leader in the simultaneous implementation of NPP power units, with the largest portfolio of foreign construction projects (36 NPP units in 12 countries). ROSATOM manufactures equipment and produces isotopes for nuclear medicine, and conducts research and material studies. It also assembles supercomputers and designs software and different nuclear and non-nuclear innovative products. The Corporation has business ventures covering various clean energy projects. ROSATOM has the second largest uranium reserves and 17% of the global nuclear fuel market. ROSATOM’s strategy is to develop green energy projects, including wind power.

    Alexey Likhachev — Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom