19 August 2019

Construction of the Pavilion of Khabarovsk Territory Started at ‘Far East Street’

Construction of the pavilion of the Khabarovsk Territory has begun on the Ajax Bay Promenade on Russky Island. The regions exposition at Far East Street will be divided into four themed areas, where products of local companies, as well as industrial investment projects will be presented to participants of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum. The pavilion will be decorated as a unique natural landmark of Khabarovsk Territory, Amur Pillars.

The Tourism area will become an accurate copy of Medvezhye mountain lake, one of the regions main natural attractions. Various tourist routes will be presented to guests, including event-based, gourmet, industrial, and ethnographic ones.

The Shipbuilding area will be a miniature model of a shipyard with an artificial river and ships going by. Pavilion guests will see projects of Amur and Khabarovsk shipyards; in particular, demo models of industrial and civil vessels, as well as warships.

The Industrial Potential platform will present production of local companies in six areas: aircraft engineering, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, IT industry and metallurgy.

The Investment Climate area will tell about preferential regimes for business that are in place in the region: Advanced Special Economic Zones, and the Free Port regime that is expanded to Vaninsky and Sovetsko-Gavansky districts. Moreover, potential investors will get an opportunity to learn about agricultural projects, such as a turkey production and processing complex, and a wholesale distributing agro-industrial park.

The Far East Street exhibition will be held on 38 September on the Ajax Bay Promenade as part of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum. From 3 to 6 September, it will be open to EEF guests and participants; on 7 September a social day is planned for multiple children families, retired people, veterans and representatives of youth organizations. On 8 September, the exhibition will be open for all comers.

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