6 August 2018

Export Potential of the Far East to Be Presented at the 4th Eastern Economic Forum

The 4th Eastern Economic Forum that will take place in Vladivostok on 11–13 September will see a presentation of the export potential of the Far East and some new mechanisms of its development. 

As part of EEF 2018, the presentation of Russian hi-tech export products, consumer and agricultural goods, medical services and export franchises for potential buyers from China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Mongolia and other countries from the Asia-Pacific Region will take place. 

A separate Forum session will be dedicated to the development of cross-border trade with Asia-Pacific countries. The participants will discuss complex measures and state support perspectives for boosting competitive capacity of Russian products abroad. A key topic of the discussion will be the cross-border e-commerce between Russia and China. The experts will assess the short-term development forecasts for the e-commerce market as well as opportunities for carrying out infrastructure projects that will improve service standards for consumers from both countries.

Moreover, at the Forum a discussion on export development perspectives for Russian food products will be held where successful cases of promoting Russian foods on Asia-Pacific markets will be presented.

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