How to get to Vladivostok

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Arrival and parking of vessels at Vladivostok bays

Vladivostok is a major transport hub in the Russian Far East. The city’s main transport facilities include Vladivostok International Airport (VVO), a maritime terminal, and a railway station.

Increased traffic is expected at all transport hubs during the EEF 2019. You are advised to make travel plans in advance. More information about possible ways to get to Vladivostok can be found below.


Vladivostok International Airport is located at the crossroads of the air routes connecting the Russian Far East with the Asia-Pacific region. The airport serves flights by Russian and international airlines and offers flights to and from over 50 destinations. Information about flights and booking tickets can be found on the airport’s website.

Vladivostok International Airport
 +7 (423) 230 6909 (24 hours)
 41, Ulitsa Vladimira Saybelya, Artem, 692756, Russia

The travel time from Vladivostok International Airport to FEFU is approximately 60 minutes, depending on traffic.

The concourses at Vladivostok airport are open 24 hours. The airport has a variety of lounges that offer services to both business class and other passengers for a fee. The lounges accept cash and cashless payments.

There is a VIP lounge in the left wing of Terminal A that offers passengers a broad range of services. A detailed description of the lounge and a full list of its services can be found on the airport website.

VIP lounge contact information:
 +7 (924) 730 4046
 +7 (423) 230 6799

Flights to Vladivostok

If there is no direct flight between your city and Vladivostok, you can select a route involving a stopover at numerous airports. The following airports provide transit flights to Vladivostok:

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Vladivostok is the terminal station of the world’s longest railway, the Trans-Siberian Railway. This railway runs from Vladivostok to Moscow, passing through regional centres across Russia.

The Ocean train runs daily from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok. The journey takes between 11 hours and 13 hours 30 minutes, depending on the departure time.

A detailed timetable and ticket prices can be found on the Russian Railways website.

Vladivostok Railway Station
Russian Railways information and service centre:
 +7 (800) 775 0000 (24 hours)
 2, Aleutskaya Ulitsa, Vladivostok, 690091, Russia


The Ussuri A370 federal highway runs from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk. Travellers headed to Vladivostok can take the Amur P296 motorway from Chita and the Baikal P259 highway when travelling through Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, and Chelyabinsk.

You can also travel by car from Vladivostok to China’s main business centre in the northeast, Harbin. The route is about a 9 hour drive and follows the A370 and A184 highways in Russian territory before switching to the Hodao-301 highway after crossing the border into China.


The Marine Terminal in Vladivostok is located in the historical centre of the city and is a major landmark.

Marine Terminal

 +7 (423) 249 7353 (24 hours)
 +7 (423) 249 7358 (24 hours)
 1, Nizhneportovaya Ulitsa, Vladivostok, 690090, Russia


You can travel to Vladivostok by private yacht.

Please note: for security purposes, navigation will be restricted within Novik Bay (bounded to the northwest by the line from Cape Doronin to Cape Shigin), Ajax Bay and Paris Bay (bounded to the northeast by the line from Cape Novosilsky to Cape Zhitkov) from 00:00 on 2 September to 23:59 on 6 September 2019.

Access will only be granted to vessels approved by the Forum Organizing Committee.

Participants can apply for a permit through their personal web office from 15 May to 21 August 2019.

Approved vessels must additionally agree their time of arrival by telephone: +7 (423) 249 8407, +7 (423) 249 8447

If the vessel will be docked in the area for an extended period, the crew must be accredited as per the accreditation procedure for contractors.