Accreditation of participants’ vehicles and drivers

During the Eastern Economic Forum 2017, only accredited vehicles may access the Forum venue, dedicated parking lots at participants’ places of arrival (Vladivostok International Airport) and accommodation as well as the sites of cultural and sporting programme events. Vehicle drivers must also be accredited.

We recommend attaching the transport pass to the windshield inside your car. When entering a restricted access area, the driver and all passengers in the car must present their accreditation badges to the Forum’s security service for verification.

A transport pass is assigned to a specific vehicle with an indication of the license plate number and the make of the car. In the event a transport pass or driver’s badge is given to a third party, the pass or badge will be cancelled.

Forum participants can learn more about the conditions and also apply for vehicle accreditation and driver badges in the personal web officePlease note that the cost of accrediting a vehicle increases from August 15, 2017.

* You can learn more about the status of data verification by the Forum security service in the ‘Personal vehicle and drivers’ section of your personal web office.

Before collecting your transport passes and driver badges, we recommend checking in advance to make sure they are ready.

Transport passes and driver’s badges are issued at Accreditation Centre 1 (building M, FEFU).

Operating hours for the issuance of transport passes and driver’s badges

Accreditation point Address Date Time
Accreditation Centre 1 Building M, FEFU, Ajax, Russky Island, Vladivostok August 21–31 10:00–19:00
September 1–2 08:00–20:00
September 3 10:00–24:00
September 4–7 24 hours

Transport passes and drivers’ badges can be collected in person by presenting an identity document (passport) or by a third party using a power of attorney.

Collecting the transport passes and drivers’ badges by a third party acting on the power of attorney

If the transport pass and driver’s badge are being released to a third party acting on the power of attorney, the authorized person must present:

  • authorized person’s passport
  • standard-issue power of attorney*
  • сopies of the drivers’ passports**

Power of attorney to collect the transport passes and drivers’ accreditation badges

Example of completed power of attorney to collect the transport passes and drivers’ accreditation badges

** Copies of drivers’ passports will be returned upon receiving the badges

For additional information, please contact the Eastern Economic Forum information centre:

Tel.: +7 (499) 7000 111