Interros Lounge at EEF-2022

The Interros Group lounge within the Eastern Economic Forum is a business platform with its own program. Representatives of Interros portfolio companies will hold presentations, round-table sessions, master classes and consultations on the development of socially responsible businesses in the Russian regions, and in particular in the Far East.

About Interros Group

Interros is one of the largest Russian investment companies, founded in 1990 by Vladimir Potanin. Interros' diversified portfolio includes assets in metallurgy and mining, development and tourism, banking and digital economy projects.

Events to look for at the Interros Lounge:

Presentation of the Three Volcanoes Park

The Three Volcanoes Park is a project in tourism sector, that brings together various natural attractions of Kamchatka, based on an integrated approach to the development of the territory. The project opens up opportunities for expeditionary, balneological, ski, mountain and cruise tourism. Representatives of the Three Volcanoes Park and Interros Group will answer questions about how to develop affordable, comfortable, safe and responsible tourism in Kamchatka.

Master class on digital financial assets from the Atomyze platform

Digital Financial Assets (DFA) is a new kind of financial instruments, a market for which is being formed before our eyes with the support of the regulator. In the summer, the first listings took place on the Atomize platform. What new opportunities do DFA’s open up in the current environment? What are their practical benefits for business and investors? Atomyze experts will analyze specific cases, demonstrate the client's path on the platform, conduct training on a real interface and answer participants' questions.

“Speed dating” with Atomyze is a series of short consultations on the creation and structuring of a DFA for interested issuers.

Pitch session of the Voskhod Fund

Early-stage technology startups from the Far East in the areas of Agro, Medical and Digital technologies will present their pitches to the experts of the venture fund in short presentations. Based on the results of their pitches, promising projects may be able to receive invitations from the fund for investment consideration and development.

The schedule of events and the date of the official opening of the lounge will be published additionally after the announcement of the EEF-2022 business program.

Interros Lounge location

The Interros Lounge is located at the VEF-2022 site in building A at level 3 (A302)


 +7 (985) 131-42-02