6– 7 September 2017

Vladivostok, Russia

Press centre
  • The Eastern Economic Forum’s press centre is a modern site that aims to provide comfortable working conditions for media representatives.

    The Forum’s press centre is located in the buildings G and D of Far Eastern Federal University (the International Broadcast Centre is located in building D). Media representatives, representatives of information partner companies, and employees of the host broadcaster company who have been accredited to work at EEF and picked up a badge at one of the accreditation points are entitled to work at the press centre.

    The entire press centre territory is a free Wi-Fi zone. The network is EEF-2017 and the password is eef-2017.

    The phones and faxes installed in the press centre offer free long-distance and international access.


    4 September 12:00–22:00
    5 September 08:00–24:00
    6 September 24 hours
    7 September 24 hours


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    The print media area is located on the third level of the press centre. The room offers 200 workplaces, some of which are equipped with the necessary office equipment.

    There is a restaurant on the second level of the press centre where media representatives will be offered lunch and dinner on 6–7 September. There will also be light snacks, drinks, tea, and coffee for journalists in the coffee break area.

     Схема 2 - зона печатных СМИ


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    There is a briefing room equipped with professional light and sound equipment on the third level of the press centre. The hall has 55 seats and a six-seat presidium. Simultaneous interpretation equipment is also available.

    Information about the time of briefings is available at information desks and is announced through the press centre’s information channel.

    Схема 1 - Зал для брифингов


    An International Broadcast Centre (IBC) has been set up at the Forum venue in building D, level 7, to cover the events of the Eastern Economic Forum 2017.

    Схема 6 МВЦ

    Media representatives who have been accredited to work at EEF and picked up a badge at one of the accreditation points are entitled to work at the International Broadcast Centre.

    The international TV programme signal is generated by the broadcasting company and host broadcaster of the Forum, VGTRK (Russia), from live broadcasts and video recordings at the main EEF events. The signal is then distributed to the working booths of TV and radio companies.

    The International Broadcast Centre includes:

    • The host broadcaster’s operating room
    • The TV and radio company area (working booths).

    The International Broadcast Centre’s infrastructure includes a site for the placement of mobile satellite communications stations (MSCS) (fly-away position).

     Схема 7 - ПСС

    The following international video signal formats are provided for distribution to booths:

        ∙ HD/SDI 1080i/50 with embedded audio;

        ∙ SD/SDI 625/50 16:9 with embedded audio;

        ∙ SD/SDI 625/50 4:3 with embedded audio.

    The contact person for questions about TV company accreditation and travel to the EEF Central Venue is:

    Deputy Head of the Media Relations Directorate

    Ilya Shnaider

    Tel.: +7 (911) 156 6513

    Email: ilya.shnaider@roscongress.org

    The contact person for questions about ordering workspaces at the IBC and places for MSCS, the relay of video materials from the IBC as well as video archives is:

    Chief Specialist of the VGTRK Directorate of Telecommunications and Communications

    Valery Cherednik

    Email: vcherednik@vgtrk.com


    The photo hosting agency takes photos of all official events at the Eastern Economic Forum. The photo materials are promptly placed on the official EEF website www.forumvostok.ru and are available for viewing. Any of the published photos may be downloaded for free. Media representatives may use the photo materials in their professional activities with a MANDATORY reference to the Eastern Economic Forum. Russian news agency TASS is the photo host agency this year.




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    Media representatives may attend the signing ceremonies.

    The halls are located in building A on the third and fifth levels, respectively.

    The halls have capacity of about 60 seats with a five-seat presidium. The halls are equipped with professional lighting and sound equipment as well as simultaneous interpretation equipment.

    Information about these events will be available on the website www.forumvostok.ru and at information desks in the press centre.

    Схема 4 - зал для подписаний 1 А3 Схема 5 - зал для подписаний 2 А5

    A request form for the signing halls can be downloaded in the section BUSINESS SERVICES


    Media representatives can interact with participants in the Forum’s official programme at live media stands that are specially equipped with sound reinforcement systems and designed in the EEF signature style.

    Фото 7


    Live media stand 1 Building В, level 5
    Live media stand 2 Building В, level 6
    Live media stand 3 Building В, level 7
    Live media stand 4 Building S, level 5

    A request form for the live media stands can be downloaded in the section BUSINESS SERVICES


    An interview room is provided to conduct individual interviews with Eastern Economic Forum participants (building G, level 4).

    Схема 3 - Комната для интервью

    The maximum time of one interview is 45 minutes.

    A request form for an interview room can be downloaded in the section BUSINESS SERVICES

    Information Services


    There are information desks in the press centre (building G, levels 1 and 3) where you can find information about the access to Forum events, changes to the programme, services offered, announcements of the Forum’s press events, and other information materials. Please contact the information desk to resolve any technical problems that may arise while working with press centre equipment or personal equipment.


    The Press Events Programme will be added to the Media section of the website www.forumvostok.ru at the end of August 2017 to announce and indicate the time, place, and topic of the press conferences, briefings, and signing ceremonies planned by Forum participants at the EEF venue. This service will make it easier to properly plan your work at the Forum. Press releases (announcements) of press events are posted on the official EEF website in the Media – Press Events Programme section and at the information desk in the press centre (Level 3).


    This system ensures everyone is always aware of the place and time of the main EEF press events. The service is provided throughout the press centre and at the restaurant for the media.


    The press centre offers an internal television network broadcast during the Eastern Economic Forum to promptly provide information to media representatives. TV panels are installed in all zones to broadcast Forum events in real time as well as information about upcoming Forum events, the press centre, and the latest news and photos. The info channel is broadcast in Russian and English.

    The events of the Forum business programme can also be viewed in real time in the Programme section on the official Forum website www.forumvostok.ru. The Forum plenary session will also be broadcast on the YouTube channel and Facebook.

    View past Forum events: the archive of broadcasts is available on the website www.forumvostok.ru in the Programme section by selecting the date and the name of the event.


    The mobile app of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF 2017) enables participants to receive information about the Forum programme, exchange messages with other participants, schedule meetings, and create an individual schedule for the Forum. Using the mobile app, participants have access to direct broadcasts of Forum sessions and can navigate the territory of the Eastern Economic Forum. All the app’s functions and features are fully available after entering your personal login and password from the Personal Web Office.