Volunteer Programme Partner

  • Association of Volunteer Centers (hereinafter the Association)

    Association of Volunteer Centers (hereinafter the Association) is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Russia. Our mission is to make volunteering the norm of life.

    The Association unites almost 5 million volunteers, 169 volunteer organizations and thousands of partners across the country. Thanks to the efforts of the Association community over 9 years of work, the volunteer activity in Russia has grown from

    3 to 19%.

    Among the flagship projects of the Association there are educational and methodological programs, actions and practices of mutual assistance, as well

    as a number of projects under the brand DOBRO and #WeAreTogether.

    One of them is ДОБРО.РФ,a platform uniting 69 thousand organizers of socially oriented projects with millions of volunteers and civil activists, aggregating free educational materials for volunteers. Another one is # WeAreTogether, the International Prize, organized by the Association. The prize supports socially significant initiatives of NGOs, business and civil society aimed at helping people and improving the quality of life, and encourages leaders of positive social changes at a high state level.