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  • BC Liga Stavok — Betting company Liga Stavok

    Liga Stavok is a federal fintech company founded in 2008. We are developing the betting business, supporting national sports and creating a new field of sports entertainment. Every day we change the world of betting and business and make sports more technologically advanced.
    The company develops a long-term partnership with the leading sports organizations of the country. It is an official partner of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, an official partner of the Russian national ice hockey team, an official sponsor of the Ice Hockey World Championship and a general partner of the Russian Boxing Federation.
    Liga Stavok is an official partner of the Sozvezdie Dobra Charity Foundation. Together with the foundation, the company implements the Liga Dobra. It is a social program aimed at supporting youth sports, athletes of different generations and the construction of sports infrastructure throughout Russia. Liga Stavok is one of the TOP 500 largest Russian companies, it is the winner of prestigious awards in the field of sports and bookmaking.

    Yuri Krasovsky — President and co-founder of the betting company Liga Stavok.
  • Ammoniy JSC

    Ammoniy JSC is one of the largest fertilizer producers in Europe. The third factory in the world, built on a unique technology of a closed production cycle in compliance with environmental measures. In 2019, Ammoniy was entered to the structure of Azot Group of Companies. The complex produces more than a million tons of nitrogen fertilizers annually. By 2022, the chemical complex included 3 subsidiaries, which employ 1,700 people. From 2022 factory
    implements the program of strategic development of Mendeleevsk #chemistryofthenativecity
    The social mission of the complex is the creation of a comfortable urban environment and an educational cluster in the area.
  • Dialog-Conversion Holding is the largest Russian

    Dialog-Conversion Holding is the largest Russian manufacturer of premium, souvenir and textile products, since 1992. The company is the main partner of many organizations in the sports industry, event organizers, law enforcement agencies, government and commercial organizations.
    Today, Dialog-Conversion Holding has more than 300 dealers in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as 9 independent business lines with a total production base of more than 5,000 sq.m. Thus, the company meets the needs both for the all-inclusive supply of events (prizes, souvenirs, decor), as well as building (navigation pointers, signs, banners, etc.).
    In 2004, Dialog-Conversion established the Modern Sports Museum. Later, The Regional Sports Glory Award (a social project aimed at developing sports in the regions) and the Golden Dialcon Award (aimed at supporting domestic sports manufacturers) were established.
  • Russian Environmental Operator (REO)

    Russian Environmental Operator (REO) is a state-owned company established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation for the purpose of the formation of a federal waste management system. Its purposes also include the reduction of generation of waste and the development of waste processing infrastructure, the provision of industrial investment support, the involvement of waste in economic circulation, the creation of a new environmental culture among the population and the promotion of separate waste collection. By 2030, 100% of generated waste in Russia will be sorted, and the amount of waste that ends up on landfills will be reduced by half. The development of the circular economy will allow the recycled waste to be used in the construction of roads and buildings, in agriculture and other industries.