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  • The Perm Krai

    The Perm Krai is located in the central part of the Russian Federation in the Western Urals, its area is 160 236,5 square kilometers, the population is 2.6 million people.

    Among the industries of the Perm krai leading at domestic and global markets are engineering, chemical industry and petrochemical industry, metallurgy, fuel industry, timber, woodworking and pulp and paper industries.

    More than 90% of all potash fertilizers produced in Russia fall to the share of the Perm krai. In addition, the chemical companies produce such types of export-oriented and high-tech products as methanol and its derivatives, ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers, etc.

    The Perm krai participates in international trade and maintains contacts with 138 countries of the world.

    The availability of specialized scientific centers and highly qualified staff ensures the leadership of the region’s engineering in Russian production of aircraft and rocket engines, fuel equipment etc.

    The achievements of Perm artistic culture are well known both in Russia and abroad. Those are, in particular, the Permian “animal style”, Perm wooden sculpture and Perm ballet.