Networking Areas Partners

  • The Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB)

    The Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB), the core bank of the Republic of Crimea and of Sevastopol, a city of federal importance, was founded in 1991 (Bank of Russia General Licence No. 1354). A total of 100% of the shares belong to the state, as represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management.

    RNCB serves 1.9 million individuals and 52,000 corporate clients, and has the largest network of offices and self-service machines in Crimea.

    RNCB offers its customers a full range of services, including all types of loans to individuals and legal entities, support for small and medium-sized businesses, Private Banking services, deposit placement, settlement transactions, issuing bank guarantees, servicing bank cards, organizing payroll programmes, renting safety deposit boxes, sales of precious coins, and much more.

    The Bank’s reliability is endorsed by credit ratings from agencies such as ACRA (A (RU), stable outlook) and Expert RA (ruA-, stable outlook).

  • JSC Tatenergo

    JSC Tatenergo happens to one of the largest regional generating companies in the Russian Federation.

    The main activity of the company is the generation of electric and heat energy at the power plants of JSC Tatenergo included in the single energy system, the supply of generated energy to electric and heating networks while maintaining the adequate quality of the supplied energy – the normalized frequency and the electric current, pressure and temperature of the heat carriers.

    The structure of JSC Tatenergo incorporates: Kazan Central Heating and Power Plant-1 (CHPP-1), Kazan CHPP-2, Naberezhniye Chelny CHPP, Zainsk State District Power Plant (GRES), Nizhnekamsk hydroelectric power plant (HEP), the Kazan Heating Networks, the Naberezhnye Chelny Heating Networks, the Nizhnekamsk Heating Networks.

    Since December 1, 2008, as an actor on the wholesale market for electricity and power, the company has been selling electric energy to the wholesale market for electricity and power and has about 250 contractors operating under purchase/sale agreements of electricity (power). The company sells heat energy within the Republic of Tatarstan.

    JSC Tatenergo aims to take the leading positions in the energy market, to be a reliable partner for investors, to look after of the interests of shareholders and to meet the highest demands of customers. In transitioning to international

    standards of business transparency, environmentally responsible operation of the facilities and to an innovative social policy, the company seeks to become the benchmark for the energy-generating industry in Russia.


    SIBUR is the largest integrated petrochemicals company in Russia.

    We purchase hydrocarbons and process them into plastics, rubbers and other high value added products to deliver state-of-the-art technological solutions and improve people’s lives.

    The Group sells its petrochemical products on the Russian and international markets in two business segments:

    • Olefins & Polyolefins (polypropylene, polyethylene, BOPP films, etc.)

    • Plastics, Elastomers & Intermediates (synthetic rubbers, EPS, PET, etc.).

    SIBUR’s petrochemicals business utilises mainly own feedstock, which is produced by the Midstream segment using by-products purchased from oil and gas companies.

    The Company serves more than 1,400 large customers in the automotive, construction, consumer goods, healthcare, food, energy, chemicals and other industries in 80 countries and employs over 27,000 people.

  • Commercial bank “Orient Express Bank”

    CB “Orient Express Bank” is a universal bank of federal significance, founded in 1991 in Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region. Today it has one of the largest branch networks among Russian banks.

    Being a key bank for the development of the entire Far Eastern region, Orient Express Bank provides affordable mortgages for its residents, supports entrepreneurs with convenient and demanded banking products, as well as with social projects supporting innovative business in the region. Today every third family in the Far East is a client of Orient Express Bank.

    The Bank participates in government business development programs with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the SMB Corporation, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Leaders' Club; develops its own programs for the development of entrepreneurship. The Bank is a strategic partner of a number of regions of the Far East as well as at the European part of Russia, where citizens and entrepreneurs can obtain services from state and municipal authorities on the basis of bank branches.

    Orient Express Bank is a member of the Deposit Insurance System and recognized by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as significant credit institution in the payment services market.

    General Banking Licence of the Central Bank of Russia №1460.