Innovation Space Partners

  • Key Point

    The Key Point commercial data processing center is being created as a franchise of the 3data network of premium data centers in Primorsky Krai on the territory of advanced development "Nadezhdinskaya". The project is being implemented according to a modular concept, within which two data center modules with a capacity of 440 and 660 racks with an average energy consumption of 5 kW will be deployed in stages on a 2-hectare site. The implemented data center will have 5 security levels, and its total electrical capacity will be 9 MW. The commissioning of the first stage is scheduled for the end of 2022. All project documentation and work on the preparation of the facility for subsequent operation are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Tier III standard (the Uptime Institute certificate of conformity for project documentation has been obtained). The characteristics of the data center are comparable to those of the best domestic data centers operating in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Key Point data center offers its customers the rental of telecommunications equipment.

    Evgeny Virtser — CEO

    The INTERNATIONAL INNOVATION CENTER FOR MARINE STRUCTURES AND SHIP REPAIR (IIS MSSR) plans to build state-of-the-art vessels using world-class advanced technologies at its own new shipyard in Sovetskaya Gavan, Khabarovsk Region. MIC ISS is just taking its first steps in the shipbuilding and ship repair industry in Russia. But already now it is possible to judge the efficiency and rapidity of the company's development. A shipyard management project is being implemented at full speed, which has a number of technical and natural advantages of the Kuriksha Bay in Sovetskaya Gavan, which make it possible to potentially build any ships and offshore platforms on the basis of the MRC ISS. According to the plan, the first stage of the shipyard with a line of flat sections will reach full capacity in the fourth quarter of 2024, which will allow producing up to 30 thousand tons of metal structures, repairing from 25 to 30 ships and independently building ships on a slipway designed for laying 4-5 units.

    Andrey Kiselev — The owner of the International Innovation Center for Marine Structures and Ship Repair (IIC MKS LLC)
  • Skolkovo Foundation

    Skolkovo is the biggest innovation center in Russia. It plays a prominent role in strengthening the foundation of the national economy. Startups promoted by Skolkovo offer domestic hi-tech products for industrial applications, health care, transport industry, IT and many other industries. Skolkovo ecosystem is a suite of specialized customer-centered services and relevant support measures for innovative industries: from acceleration and support of private investors and university-based startups, to overseas patenting and customs clearance. Skolkovo Technopark is the largest industrial park in Eastern Europe. Skoltech, Skolkovo’s ‘science core’, in 2021 was among the best young universities worldwide, according to Nature Index. In 2021, the total revenues of Skolkovo residents grew almost by 55%, as compared with 2020, reaching RUB 247.8 billion. As of May 1, 2022 the number of Skolkovo startups exceeded 3,300. The number of jobs within the ecosystem is about to reach 70,000.

    Igor Drozdov — Chairman of the Board, Skolkovo Foundation
  • Pacific Investment Group

    Pacific Investment Group (TIGR) was established by Sergey Darkin in December 2014 in order to attract private investments to the Russian Far East.
    The priority for the Company is working to implement of high-yield investment projects assisting to the development of the Russian Far East and building
    trade and economic relations with leading Asian economies especially with China.

    TIGR's efforts are focused on the high efficiency projects of the Russian Far East with having rapid return and accumulative investment effect.

    Sergey Darkin — President, Pacific Investment Group