Governors’ Сlub General Partner

Governors’ Сlub Partners

  • Russian Highways

    “Russian Highways” State Company (“RHW” SC) was founded in 2009 with the purpose to form and develop the national network of highways and motorways, attract private funding to road infrastructure projects, establish new markets and forms of economic activity in Russia.

    “Russian Highways” State Company performs concession agreements and other PPP projects in the road sector, provides design, construction and operation of highways and motorways, development of roadside facilities including service areas as well as implements innovative programs in the road industry.

    Highways and motorways under management: M-1 “Belarus”, M-4 “Don”, M-3 “Ukraine”, M-11 “Moscow – St. Petersburg”, Central Ring Road in Moscow region.

    Long-term Performance Program of “RHW” SC (2010 – 2021) stipulates 1 421,6 billion roubles of investments of which 492,5 billion roubles is private funding.

  • Renova Group of companies

    Renova Group of companies is a major private Russian business group which owns and manages assets in different industries.

    Renova focus its attention on projects in infrastructure, high-end technology and digital economy.