Governors’ Club General Partners

  • SK "Atlant"

    SK "Atlant" is a design and construction services company, which was founded in 2015. We plan and deliver building projects of all types and sizes, such as social, transport and industrial programmes, military-industrial complex factories construction and reconstruction and many more.
    Atlant company provided project and construction management services for STE "Moscow Metro", STE "Saint Petersburg Metro", Moscow City Department of Construction, Amur Region Ministry of Construction and Architecture, Moscow Region Construction Department, Khabarovsk Region Construction Ministry, JSC "the Far East and the Arctic" Development Corporation, ANO "Sports and Infrastructure Facilities Development".

    Александр Свиридов
  • Delo Group

    Delo Group is Russia's largest transportation and logistics holding, founded in 1993, a leader in sea transshipment and railway transportation of containers, as well as deep-sea grain transshipment in Russia. The Group’s companies ensure cargo delivery at all stages of the multimodal transportation chain both in domestic and international traffic.
    The Group has 9 marine and 47 land terminals. The total capacity of the marine terminals is 3.9 million TEU and 8.5 million tons of grain per year, inland terminals capacity is at 3.7 million TEU per year. The Group operates a fleet of 40,000 container flatcars and containers with a total capacity of 230,000 TEU, as well as its own fleet of vessels.
    Over the 30 years of the Group’s history, its investments in the transportation infrastructure of the country have exceeded $2.1 bn.
    Delo Group implements charity programs and initiatives to support demography and sports.

    Sergey Shishkarev — Chairman of the Board of Directors of Delo Group
  • The Bank of Non-Core Assets TRUST

    The Bank of Non-Core Assets TRUST is a majority state-owned Russian financial institution. It was founded in July, 2018 on the basis of the bank TRUST (PJSC) through consolidation of non-core assets of the financial institutions being restored. The Bank TRUST acts to effectively manage the assets for the purpose of their restoration and value appreciation with subsequent sale on the market at the highest possible price. Through sale of assets the state will be able to recover costs for resolution of the largest banks. The strategy of the Bank TRUST is to get 482 billion rubles until the end of 2023. The assets of the Bank TRUST include: Baltic Leasing JSC, Tochka JSC, a leader of innovative car-building within the 1520 gauge railway track zone. The total balance cost of assets of the bank is 233 billion rubles.

    Veronika Nikishina — General Director of the Russian Export Center