Dear Partners,

The accreditation of representatives of companies that are Partners of the Eastern Economic Forum 2018 in all categories (participants in the Premium and Standard packages, personnel, drivers, vehicles) starts on 5 June 2018

Please pay special attention to the key dates for submitting information and the rules for working with a Partner company’s personal web office.

5 June – 15 August 2018 5 June – 25 August 2018 
5 September – 10 September 2018
Endorsement of quotas Acceptance of applications for accreditation, amendments and additions Receipt of accreditation package

A Partner company’s personal web office contains the following information:

  • Participants — here you can register your company’s representatives in the Premium and Standard package
  • Participants’ vehicles and drivers – here you indicate the vehicles and drivers registered via the participant’s personal web office
  • Personnel – here you can register stand your company’s attendants and technical personnel
  • Powers of attorney — here you can print powers of attorney to obtain badges and temporary permits for technical personnel and drivers
  • Contractors – information about your contractor’s registered representatives (in view mode)
  • Useful information – in this section you can review information about the regulations for loading and unloading work as well as directions for cargo transportation to get to the unloading zone on the territory of FEFU.

Accreditation for the duration of the Forum is necessary for the Partner company’s employees, drivers, and vehicles that are required to be present on the territory of the EEF venue to perform work from 18:00 on 9 September 2018 to 24:00 on 13 September 2018.

Accreditation for the duration of the assembly/disassembly period is necessary for the Partner company’s employees, drivers, and vehicles that are required to be present on the territory of the EEF venue to perform work from 8:00 on 19 August 2018 to 18:00 on September 2018 and from 24:00 on 13 September 2018 to 24:00 on 17 September 2018.

Please note that accreditation for the assembly/disassembly is not required for employees, drivers, and vehicles accredited for the duration of the Forum.

For the accreditation of participants, personnel, vehicles, and drivers (as required by technical personnel), it is necessary to:

  1. Complete the Partner company card (the number of participants and personnel must be specified in accordance with partnership contract conditions).

  2. Print the Partner company card, have the organization’s senior officer sign it, affix the organization’s seal, and scan it.
    Send the electronic version in Excel (Partner company card) and a scanned version to:

  3. Obtain an individual user name, login, and password from a manager of the Partner Relations Department to log into the personal web office.

  4. Log into the personal web office using your login and password on the official Forum website (

  5. Complete the applications for participants and employees (technical personnel, stand attendants, vehicles, and drivers (as required by technical personnel)).

  6. Upload photos of participants and personnel.
    Photos for a temporary pass (for the duration of the assembly/disassembly) are not required.

    Photos must meet the following requirements:

    • photo size 480×640 pixels;
    • the photo must be colour against a white background of the document type;
    • resolution of 300 dpi (photo quality);
    • the photo must be full face, without headgear,
    • the face must take up at least 70% of the photo.
  7. After completing the applications for participants, you must log into the personal web office of each participant and, if necessary, register vehicles and drivers.

    The vehicles of Premium and Standard package participants (personal or rented) can only be registered from the participant’s personal web office!

  8. Applications for stand attendants, technical personnel, drivers and vehicles shall be accepted from 5 June 2018 until 25 August 2018.

    Amendments and alterations to the lists shall be approved by the Head of Partners Service before 27 August 2018.

    After 27 August 2018, amendments and alterations shall be approved only by Director of the Forum.

  9. In order to make the accreditation procedure smooth and comfortable the participants have an opportunity to receive the badges at the Accreditation Centres at the Forum venue, arrival and accommodation points.

  10. Staff badges/passes (technical personnel, stand attendants, drivers) and technical personnel vehicle passes are received in ONE accreditation package (AP) by a responsible employee presenting passport and power of attorney between 17 August and 5 September 2018, timing to be coordinated with the manager responsible for communications with your organization.

Power of attorney, lists of stand attendants, technical personnel, vehicles and drivers can be obtained from the company’s Personal Web Office.

Receiving the badges and temporary passes for stand attendants, technical personnel, vehicles and drivers copies of their passports must be presented in accordance with the lists provided together with the power of attorney.

If data discrepancy is detected, duplicate badge or temporary pass will only be issued after adjusting and processing new data (no less than 3 business days).

Stand attendants, technical personnel, and drivers are not to receive their badges in person!

In case of inquires on stand attendants, technical personnel, vehicles and drivers accreditation feel free to contact Technical Personnel and Vehicle Accreditation Department at +78124080013, 10:00 to 18:00.

Information on badge receipt and accreditation point locations for Premium and Standard Package participants is available on the Forum website in the Participant accreditation section.