Participant accreditation

The Eastern Economic Forum venue may only be accessed with an accreditation badge. Please note that an accreditation badge is also required to access FEFU accommodation buildings.

The badge is personalized and may not be transferred to third parties. Participants should keep their badges as well as their identity document with them at all times during their entire stay at the EEF venue.

If your accreditation badge is lost or damaged, please contact any accreditation desk, Help Desk, or call +7 (499) 7000 111. The lost badge will be blocked and a duplicate will be issued at the Help Desk at the written request of the badge holder.

In order to avoid any inconvenience accessing the EEF venue, participants are advised to leave any prohibited items at their accommodation or in their vehicle.

Prohibited items

Conditions for badge issue

* Colour photo against a white background in JPEG format, photo size 480×640 pixels, resolution (photo quality) of 300 dpi, full-face photo with no headgear, with the image taking up at least 70% of the photo.

Before collecting your badge, we recommend that you check that the registration details in your personal web office are accurate and up to date (registration details must correspond to your ID). There are several ways to find out or be notified when your badge is ready:

Collecting your badge

Participant accreditation badges may be collected in person on presentation of the participant’s passport or by a third party acting on the basis of a power of attorney. Before issuing a badge, an accreditation officer will check that the details entered during registration correspond. In the event of any discrepancies, it will not be possible to issue the badge on that day.

To simplify and expedite collection of their accreditation badge, a participant may present an electronic ticket at an accreditation stand.

The electronic ticket is an A4-sized document printed from a participant’s personal web office (in colour or black and white). It displays their personal details, a barcode, and other important information.

Electronic tickets are not required for accreditation, nor do they serve as a replacement for ID.

If a participant’s badge is collected by a third party using a power of attorney, the authorized person must present:


* Power of attorney form to collect participant accreditation badges

Example of completed power of attorney form to collect participant accreditation badges

** Without a list and copies of the passports of all participants to be accredited, the power of attorney will not be valid. Copies of passports will be returned once badges have been issued.

Accreditation point operating hours and locations

Please collect your badge in advance at one of the accreditation points.





Operating hours

Roscongress Foundation Accreditation Centre at the World Trade Center Moscow

Entrance 7 (ground floor), 12, Krasnopresnenskaya Nab., Moscow

29 August


30 August –
7 September*


8–9 September


10 September


* on business days only

Route to the World Trade Centre Moscow


EEF accreditation points on the map of Vladivostok




Operating hours


Accreditation Centre 1


1–8 September


+7 (423) 240 5121

9 September


10–12 September

24 hours

13 September


Vladivostok International Airport

41, Ulitsa Vladimira Saibelya

7–12 September



Vladivostok Marine Terminal

1, Nizhneportovaya Ulitsa

8 September



9–12 September



Lotte Hotel Vladivostok

29, Semenovskaya Ulitsa

7–12 September



Accreditation point at Vladivostok International Airport

For additional information, please contact the Eastern Economic Forum information centre:

+7 (499) 7000 111