6– 7 September 2017

Vladivostok, Russia


    17 March 2017

    Rossiyskaya Gazeta: A press conference entitled ‘The Far Eastern Hectare Federal Programme: Initial Results of the Third Phase of Implementation’ was held recently, where Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East Sergey Kachaev announced that 74,000 Russians have applied to the programme.

    The third phase of the Far Eastern Hectare programme, whereby all Russians have the opportunity to claim a plot of land in the Russian Far East, began on February 1, 2017. So far, 7,600 people have been granted free land plots.

    “Currently, the areas most in demand are Primorsky Territory, followed by the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Khabarovsk Territory and Sakhalin Region,” said Kachaev.

    Most applications for land plots come from the Far East, Moscow and the surrounding region, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar Territory and Sverdlovsk Region.

    A total of 140 million hectares of land are set to be allocated as part of the Far Eastern Hectare programme. Most applicants hope to use their land plots to build individual housing, or for agricultural and tourism projects.

    “We are giving citizens the choice as to how they will use their land plots. We give them a year to decide on this, during which period they are able to change their mind should the necessity arise,” said the deputy minister.

    Head of the Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East Valentin Timakov said at the press conference that 35 different measures had been taken to support recipients of Far Eastern Hectares, from providing grants to aspiring farmers and covering expenditures on seeds to covering interest rates on loans used to purchase equipment.