26 July 2019

‘Far East Street’ Exhibition to Take Place in Vladivostok on 3–8 September

On 3–8 September, an exhibition entitled ‘Far East Street’, featuring the constituent entities of the Far Eastern Federal District and federal executive authorities, will be open on the embankment along Ajax Bay as part of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum. The opening ceremony will take place on 3 September. The exhibition is organized by the Roscongress Foundation.

The exhibition will focus on the unique features of the 11 regions of the Far East, their economic potential, tourist opportunities, and cultural traditions. All the regions participating will also look to acquaint guests with potential investment projects. This year, the Republic of Buryatia and the Transbaikal Territory, which were included in the FEFD in 2018 in accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, will be taking part in the event for the first time. In particular, the Republic of Buryatia will present the Ka-226T and Mi-171A2 helicopters manufactured by the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant.

With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the exhibition will feature the Taiga Crafts Festival and a fish market where visitors can learn more about the cuisine of Far East regions.

The Far Eastern Federal University will present the ‘Russky Island: Youth. Science. Innovation.’ pavilion. Young scientists from FEFU and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences together with representatives of state corporations and major IT companies will talk about research and promising developments capable of becoming pilot projects as part of state-owned engineering corporations currently being established on Russian Island.

The pavilion of the Ministry of Natural Resources will have interactive zones called ‘Subsoil Resources of the Far East’, ‘Forests of the Far East’, and ‘Ecology’ at which visitors will be able to learn about key investment projects and facilities in the Far Eastern Federal District. Projects will also be presented on the development of ecological tourism and ways to enhance the investment appeal of specially protected natural territories in the Far East.

The Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East and the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic will present the ‘Far Eastern Village’ exhibition. Guests will be interactively introduced to the most promising projects implemented as part of the ‘Far Eastern Hectare’ programme. There will also be a fair featuring products from the Hectares. Visitors of the Far Eastern Village will be acquainted with support measures provided to participants of the Far Eastern Hectare and with the preferential 2% mortgage lending rate.

The constituent entities of the Far Eastern Federal District will feature daily concert programmes at Far East Street. Screenings of Russian box-office films will take place in the open venue with the support of the Ministry of Culture, and an evening of Indian cinema has also been planned. In addition, there will be a charm and talent contest called ‘The Beauty of the Far East’ and a contest called ‘Far East Street Master Chef’.

The exhibition sports programme will see the sailing regatta, the International Mas-Wrestling Tournament, and the Far Eastern Territories’ Games – sporting competitions featuring the participation of representatives of the federal authorities and the constituent entities of the Far East Federal District. A separate pavilion will feature the site of the Go Federation of Russia – ‘Developing the Far East With Go’. It will host the international go tournament for the 5th Eastern Economic Forum Cup. Finally, all those wishing to meet GTO standards can do so in the Ministry of Sports Pavilion.

The exhibition will be open to EEF guests and participants from 3 to 6 September, with 7 September planned for a social day aimed at large families, seniors, veterans, and representatives of youth organizations; the exhibition will be open to all comers on 8 September. Last year, approximately 70,000 people visited Far East Street.

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