14 October 2018

Vladimir Putin endorses instructions on the outcomes of the Eastern Economic Forum 2018

Most of the Russian President's instructions relate to developing breakthrough technologies, innovative entrepreneurship, and education in the Far East.

For example, in order to create a major science and technology centre in the Far East, the Government of the Russian Federation is working on issues relating to giving Russky Island special legal status. This would make it possible to create an environment amenable to the development and implementation of innovative projects, to testing and piloting the adoption of ground-breaking developments, in areas such as robotics, medicine and biotechnology, drone and sea transport, and the environment.

These instructions also cover the consideration of issues related to the creation of a technopark and digital development centre focusing on software support for big data processing and information security. 

The President also issued instructions for the establishment of an educational project for government officials and the business community in the Far East Federal District on management in the digital economy at the Far Eastern Federal University.

Another instruction issued by the head of state relates to establishing a unique 'megascience' research centre on Russky Island. This will make it possible to solve fundamentally new issues in the fields of physics, pharmaceuticals, materials science, chemistry, and biology.

State corporations that are involved in implementing projects in the Far East, were instructed to consider the option of locating their engineering facilities, and research and development centres, on Russky Island.

Separate instructions relate to a capitalization increase for the Fund for the Development of the Far East and Baikal Region for 2019–2021, and for further work on the National Development Programmes for the Far East for the period to 2025, and for a further period to 2035.

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