26 May 2022

First Birdling Hatched in Kamchatka Falcon Centre

The international centre for rare bird of prey reintroduction and conservation located in Milkovsky District of Kamchatka Territory has had its first birdling hatch. In the near future, the reproduction is expected to continue, with more birds appearing.

“Per President’s instructions, we are actively building first conservation centres for rare birds. In winter, the Kamchatka centre received 42 pairs of falcons. The other day, they got their first offspring. Creation of this centre in Kamchatka is an important step towards ensuring an ornithological balance, restoring the population of rare birds of prey and fighting pouching. This project has been using the world’s best practices. It was made possible through cooperation efforts that include experts from Arab countries. Restoring falconry traditions in Russia will favour bilateral cooperation with the Middle East and Africa. It will definitely drive eco-tourism in this region,” noted Deputy Prime Minister Viktoria Abramchenko.

All falcons delivered to the Kamchatka Falcon Centre are CITES certified in accordance with the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The centre’s area covers up to 300 hectares.

The Kamchatka Falcon Centre is created in accordance with the Russian President’s Decree to develop, approve and implement a comprehensive plan for the establishment of falcon reintroduction and conservation centres in the Russian Federation. The project is implemented by the Kamchatka Falcon Centre in the Kamchatka Advanced Development Territory under an agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (FEDC). RC-Investment Fund, the Roscongress Foundation’s investment platform, is the co-investor of the project.

“We witness the unique performance of the centre for rare bird of prey reintroduction and conservation. Hatching of the first birdling in an artificial environment in just one year is a real breakthrough in the ornithological world – no one in the world has ever achieved such results before. We are pleased to announce that the project is entering its full operational phase,” said Director of the Kamchatka Falcon Centre Shukhrat Razakov

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