8 August 2018

Sakhalin Region Plans Original Pavilion for the ‘Far East Street’ Exhibition

The Sakhalin Region is slated to participate in the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition, which will be held from 11–16 September in Vladivostok as part of the 4th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). The region’s exhibit will reflect the idea of building a bridge between Sakhalin Island and the mainland. A pontoon bridge will connect the pavilion to an artificial island in a nearby lake. The crossing will feature a model of a high-speed train. 

The building to house the Sakhalin exhibit will be constructed in the shape of two giant sea waves breaking on the shore. The building will consist of two exhibition halls, ‘Economy’ and ‘Sports and Tourism’, with nine presentation zones. 

The central point of the ‘Economy’ hall will be an interactive map, which participants will be able to use to get to know the current and prospective economic projects in the region and evaluate their investment potential. 

Guests to the Sakhalin Pavilion will be shown examples of local enterprises’ products. In the case of ‘Import Substitution and Innovation’, this will include deep water echo sounding equipment. ‘Exports’ will feature concentrates for dietary supplements, edible and cosmetic kelp gels, fish meal, and energy efficient windows, which are already being supplied to Japan. 

Exposition visitors will also be able to evaluate the region’s agricultural production: a robot bartender will offer guests a chance to taste milk beverages at a mini-bar. 

The federal ‘Far Eastern Hectare’ programme stand will tell the success stories of the project’s landowners and will help people fill out an application to receive one in the Sakhalin region.

The ‘Sports and Tourism’ exhibition hall will feature three thematic zones – ‘Children of Asia’, ‘Gorny Vozdukh’, and ‘Go adventure! Sakhalin and Kuril Islands’. The first zone will touch on the forthcoming Children of Asia International Sports Games, which will be held in the region in 2019. The ‘Gorny Vozdukh’ zone will introduce visitors to the prospects of the Gorny Vozdukh ski resort with the help of virtual reality headsets. The ‘Go Adventure! Sakhalin and Kuril Islands’ zone will feature a surfing simulator that will teach guests how to surf.

The Eastern Economic Forum, which has proven itself to be an important global communication platform for businessmen from Russia, Europe, and Asia, will be held this year from 11–13 September. Forum participants will discuss what the new models of cities in the Russian Far East should look like, the development of the social and scientific spheres, as well as strategies for developing key industries.

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