4 June 2019

Russia and United Arab Emirates to Join Forces to Build Russian Falconry Centre in Kamchatka

A Russian falconry centre may be built in Kamchatka. It will be created using international experience in restoring rare bird populations.

Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, came to this conclusion after a working visit to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan to learn more about the Muras Hunting Birds Rehabilitation and Reproduction Centre (a Russian-Kyrgyz joint venture). This trip fulfils the aims of preserving biodiversity and rare birds and animals, and is also being organized as part of growing activities by the Roscongress Foundation to attract investment in the Russian economy.

The managers of the Centre showed the Head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia advanced technologies for the reproduction and restoration of the population of birds of the falcon family, primarily gyrfalcons. Shukhrat Razakov, General Director of Muras, together with a representative of UAE international partners (the Crown Prince of Dubai), leading Emirates ornithologist Sheikh Rashid Saeed Al Kindi, presented a newborn gyrfalcon chick. The bird will be a symbol of long-term cooperation and collaboration between Russia and the UAE in the field of the reproduction of hunting birds. The project is accompanied by the investment department of the Roscongress Foundation, the RC-Investments Foundation. Following the discussion, agreements were signed on joint support for a project to create the Kamchatka Russian Falconry Centre in Kamchatka Territory.

“The growth of international cooperation in the field of the reproduction of rare birds can boost the restoration of their population in our country and abroad. A joint project to create a Russian falconry centre in Kamchatka is an effective method for this. This breeding facility will help restore the rare bird population in its traditional habitat, and attract substantial foreign investment to the region’s tourism infrastructure. The Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia would like to express its willingness to study all the issues carefully, and coordinate the implementation of this matter,” said Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.

It is expected that relevant Russian-UAE bilateral agreements on the development of a programme to set up several falconry centres in Russia will be signed. Scientific discussions are planned as part of key events held by the Roscongress Foundation, including the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF 2019), which will be held on 4–6 September 2019.