5 July 2022

The development of electric, hydrogen and gas-powered transport in the Far East will be discussed at EEF 2022 visiting session

On Friday, 8 July at 02:00 Moscow time, a visiting session of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum entitled ‘Current Challenges in the Development of Electric, Hydrogen and Gas-Powered Transport in the Far East. Problems and solutions’ will take place. The event is organized by the Ministry for the Development of the Far East and Arctic, the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, the Roscongress Foundation, and the Sakhalin Regional Government. The event will take place as part of the Far Eastern Green Transport Forum, which will be held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The key topics of the visiting session will be the development of gas-powered, electric and hydrogen vehicles, and the prospects for producing vehicles with a reduced carbon footprint in Russia. Experts will also discuss creation of wind farms in Sakhalin and hydrogen cluster in Kamchatka, development of unmanned, connected transport and infrastructure in the country. KAMAZ will present information about the company’s contribution to the development of green transport, while RUSTRANSELECTRO, the Association for the Development of Electric Vehicles, will talk about the project ‘The Republic of Crimea as Russia’s First Electric Vehicle Resort’. All topics are discussed in the context of implementing climate-neutral programmes. 

The session materials and discussion results will be used to shape the business programme of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum, which will be held from 5–8 September 2022 in Vladivostok.

Dmitry Akishin, Consulting Director, Gas & Chemicals Sector, VYGONConsulting, will moderate the session.

Expected participants include:

- Dmitry Chernov, Deputy Director of the Department of the Automotive Industry and Railway Engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation;

- Mikhail Guzenko, Sakhalin Region Minister of Energy;

- Vyacheslav Alenkov, Deputy Chairman of the Sakhalin Region Government;

- Iya Gordeeva, Chair of the Association for the Development of Electric, Unmanned, Connected Transport and Infrastructure (AETI);

- Snezhana Trantina, Deputy General Director of SpetsAvtoEngineering;

- Mikhail Demuria, Chairman of the Association for the Development of Electric Vehicles RUSTRANSELECTRO;

- Alexander Govorin, chief engineer, Far Eastern Railways;

- Maxim Kuzemchenko, General Director of VGK;

- Egor Grinkevich, Deputy CEO, NovaWind;

- Alexei Kaplun, Director of H2 Clean Energy Ltd;

- Ruslan Khomyakov, Team Leader, Regional Programme Development Department, Corporate Sales Development Directorate, GAZ Group Management Company;

- Samat Sattarov, Director of Passenger Transport, KAMAZ.

The event will be broadcast here.

The 7th Eastern Economic Forum will be held on 5–8 September 2022 in Vladivostok on the campus of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). It is organized by the Roscongress Foundation.

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