12 September 2023

Plenary session of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum

Vladimir Putin’s address at the plenary session of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum.

The plenary session was also attended by Vice President of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic Pany Yathotou.

The moderator of the discussion is Ilya Doronov, managing director of the RBC TV channel.



President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, friends, Ms Yathotou,


I am delighted to welcome our guest, and I ask the participants to do so as well.


Our moderator has now greeted the audience by saying “good afternoon, good morning, good evening” – and indeed, when you arrive in the Far East, everything gets confusing and time-disorienting here. But one thing is clear: the Far East is Russia’s strategic priority for the entire 21st century, and we will stick to this.


I would like to welcome the participants and guests of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum, which has traditionally brought together business leaders, experts and senior officials from our country as well as from dozens of other states from across the globe to discuss promising and strategic areas for the development of the Russian Far East, the Arctic and the entire Asia-Pacific region. In my remarks today, I will mention other Russian regions one way or another as well, because they are part of a single national economic complex. We are meeting here to assess the main trends that determine the further development of international business relations.


We can all see very well the changes that the global economy has experienced in recent years and continues to experience now, including due to certain countries, primarily Western ones, of course, who are destroying the system of financial, trade, and economic relations that they had put much effort into building.


It is very important that in these conditions the world sees the expanding space for actual business cooperation between states that do not yield to external pressure but pursue their own national interests, with a growing number of such states in different regions of the world.


In their activities and policies, they prioritise efforts to promote their own projects in transport, energy, industry, finance and the humanitarian sphere that bring direct long-term benefit to their nations, instead of being led by current political issues.


Essentially, we are witnessing a new emerging model of relationships and integration – and not by Western patterns, for the elite, for the chosen ‘golden billion,’ but for the entire humanity and the entire existing and developing multipolar world. This model offers creative energy, openness and focus on a specific outcome as a powerful competitive advantage of the Asia-Pacific region, a key factor that determines and I am sure will determine for a long time its global leadership in economic growth.


To be continued.


Source: http://en.kremlin.ru

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