24 August 2023

Prospects for the development of mass sports in Russia to be discussed at the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition at EEF

The Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation will take part in the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition to be held in Vladivostok on 10–17 September as part of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum. This year, two pavilions dedicated to sports will be opened: ‘Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation’ pavilion and Sports Arena pavilion. EEF 2023 is organized by the Roscongress Foundation. 

“President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has set a goal to involve at least 70% of the country’s population in regular sports and physical education by 2030. One of the effective tools is the National Health and Fitness Programme (NHFP). Everyone can test their skills by passing norms. But now sports training acquires an additional meaning. Every person should be ready to stand up in defence of the Motherland, to defend its independence and freedom,” noted Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister – Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District.

“Traditionally, the pavilion of the Ministry of Sport of Russia is dedicated to the federal project ‘Sport – a vital norm’ of the ‘Demography’ national project. It is a platform for presentations of sports initiatives and the results of the work of sports federations and physical culture organizations, a place for meeting and communication between regional authorities, sports federations and business representatives. Almost 20,000 people visit the pavilion every year during the Forum. In the year of the 100th anniversary of the Ministry of Sport of Russia as a state body managing the sphere of physical culture and sports, a large-scale sports programme is planned. We look forward to seeing all athletes, sportsmen and fans of active lifestyles at our venue,” added Oleg Matytsin, Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation.

The ‘Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation’ pavilion will become a platform for discussions. Speakers and participants will discuss important issues in the sports sphere – from top-level sports and international cooperation to new formats of athletic events and prospects for the development of mass sports.

The Sports Arena pavilion will become the centre of sporting activities. It will host the second Open Cup of the Far East ‘NHFP Multisport Games 2023’. Participants will include teams from all eleven Far Eastern regions, as well as the strongest professional athletes from all over Russia.

In preparation for the finals in the Far East, the best were selected. Qualifying competitions were held in each region to form regional teams that will represent the regions at the Cup finals during EEF 2023. In all administrative centres of the Far Eastern regions, sports grounds were prepared and equipped to meet the requirements of the NHFP standards. The competitions included seven main disciplines: shuttle run, long jump, push-ups, abs, kettlebell push press, squats with a kettlebell on the chest, and pull-ups.

7.6 thousand residents of the district took part in the qualifying stages. Based on the results of the regional competitions, the strongest 66 adult participants (six in each region: three women and three men), 66 schoolchildren (six in each region: three girls and three boys) and 80 professional and amateur athletes were selected from all regions of the Far Eastern Federal District.

A tournament between regional teams and professional and amateur athletes will be held from 10 to 12 September. Tournaments between eleven high school regional teams are scheduled for 15–16 September during the free days of the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition. The awarding of the winners (three school teams) is scheduled for 17 September.

The Cup finalists will perform a set of NHFP exercises, including ten NHFP basics: long jump, push-ups, sit-ups, kettlebell snatch, pull-ups, rope, rowing machine, exercise bike, barbell, and dumbbells.

In addition, for the first time there are additional tests related to military training in the conditions of the SMO: shooting from a laser gun (an exact replica of the Grach gun), throwing a ball at a target (the size and weight of a hand grenade), swimming in the open sea up to 300 metres, first aid (tourniquet application and wound treatment), running on the FEFU embankment up to three kilometres.

Each guest of the pavilion will also be able to perform the standards of the NHFP complex in the arena and find out what mark of distinction their physical fitness corresponds to, as well as try to set a record in one of the NHFP disciplines and get into the NHFP Book of Records.

The ‘Far East Street’ exhibition is organized by the Roscongress Foundation with the support of the Office of the Presidential Envoy in the Far Eastern Federal District.

The Eastern Economic Forum will be held on 10–13 September 2023 in Vladivostok on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University. 

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