25 April 2018

Roscongress Foundation and British Consulting Company SupplyFinder Lda Signed a Cooperation Agreement

On 24 April 2018 at the office of the Trade Delegation of Russia in London, the Roscongress Foundation and Lord John Desmond Waverley, the founder and CEO of SupplyFinder Lda, signed a cooperation agreement.

The agreement focuses on the cooperation of the parties in the development of the dialogue between the business and expert community of the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom.

Vladimir Titov, First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, noted: "We consider facilitation of business cooperation between our countries an important factor serving to improve bilateral Russian-British relationships. As experience shows, our countries’ business representatives, despite the restrictions imposed by London, consistently strive to build mutually beneficial cooperation, for which there is a significant potential. We believe that the implementation of the signed agreement will contribute to the further positive business undertakings in Russia and the United Kingdom."

“Despite the difficult geopolitical situation, we see that business community is increasingly interested in cooperation with Russia. The number of foreign participants in key economic forums that our country hosts, including the forthcoming St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, the Russian Energy Week and the International Arctic Forum, grows year after year. International business is interested in developing business contacts, realizing that isolation is a short cut to economical stagnation. Business is a law unto itself founded on mutual trust. This is a good old truth,” noted Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.


“SupplyFinder is pleased to sign the cooperation agreement with the Roscongress Foundation. Networking with representatives of Russian companies and regions at the Roscongress Foundation’s events is a great opportunity to develop an understanding and gain insights into the Russian market,” said Lord John Desmond Waverley, founder and CEO of SupplyFinder Lda.

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