23 August 2019

Chukotka to Present Clean Energy Development and the Investment Potential of the Region at the ‘Far East Street’

Chukotka Autonomous Area expo at the Far East Street exhibition is to present the participants and guests of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum with the investment potential of the region, national culture and energy development.

The Chukotka exhibition spreads through three pavilions. The first pavilion is designed to represent the flag of the region and will showcase investment projects, including the unique Baimka with a fully automated production line. The outside walls of the pavilion will be decorated with LED panels, showing ice under the microscope during the day and projecting the northern lights at night.

The second Sea Book pavilion is to tell about the culture and life of the Chukotka indigenous peoples, the tourism potential of the region. Photos will introduce the East of the area. The State Chukchi-Eskimo Ensemble Ergyron will perform for the pavilion visitors.

The third pavilion is to present the prospects for the development of clean energy in Chukotka with the world's first floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov arriving in Pevek, the northernmost city of Russia. The pavilion guest will look inside a nuclear reactor; learn about the safety programme and environmental aspects of a power unit.

The Far East Street exhibition will be open on 38 September as a part of the 5th Eastern Economic Forum on the Ajax Bay embankment on Russky Island. Large families, seniors, veterans and youth organizations representatives will attend the show on 7 September along with EEF participants. On 8 September the exhibition is available to everyone.

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