8 June 2018

Over 500 Volunteers will Contribute to 4th Eastern Economic Forum

The training consisted of three blocks: an introductory lecture, a general lecture on theory and a lecture on business etiquette. This year Oleg Davtyan, diplomat, Editor-in-Chief of the Consul magazine and author of business etiquette books, who annually conducts similar lectures for the volunteer corps of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, delivered a lecture on business etiquette for applicants. At the end of the training, which lasted from 30 May to 5 June, applicants took examinations, where they answered questions on the history of the Forum, services provided for the participants, and also had to demonstrate their level of proficiency in foreign languages. A command of English is a mandatory requirement for volunteers, while knowledge of asian languages is considered an advantage.

Volunteers of the Forum will contribute to the following sectors: Accreditation, Arrival and Departure Services, Congress, Information, Media Relations, Transport, Catering and Access Control.

Training for the second group of volunteers will take place on 25–29 August. In total, about 530 volunteers from Primorsky Krai and other regions of the Far East will qualify to contribute to the Eastern Economic Forum 2018. In addition, 35 best SPIEF 2018 volunteers will be selected for the EEF volunteer corps.

The EEF 2018 volunteers will receive hot meals, transfer to the assignment location, free accommodation on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University on Russky Island, as well as sweets sets, as well as other incentives during the event. They will also get an invaluable experience of working at a major international event, communicating with Forum participants and the opportunity to practice their foreign language skills.

In 2017 about 500 volunteers contributed to the Eastern Economic Forum.

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